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  1. This honestly sounds so good, but looking at this from an ironman POV; what would the ECC contain for us ironmen that isn't already in the regular Crystal Chest without making the ECC either extremely overpowered or extremely underwhelming? If there isn't even a plan to make the ironman chest separate from the reg. loot table just ignore me x) Big support nonetheless
  2. Damn it I've missed this for 4 years in a row, this time I'm joining! IGN: Bare Grills Discord: Clar#5710
  3. Thought I'd run 100 Barrows Chests since the update just to test the drop rates of the new items, and this is what I gathered. *This was done during the Saturday double minigame reward event* (Had to do it like this since I already had Barrows-items banked and couldn't really create a new tab.) On top of this I also got 4 Elite Clues, 16 Hard Clues, 3 Medium Tier Coffers & 4 High Tier Coffers which are not shown because bleh. Examine/PC value: ~720m Price guide value: ~1.85-1.95b
  4. Nex instance. As an ironman it sucks having to live on the hope that literally not a single other player wants to do Nex at the same time. If they just go down that wall and starts attacking Nex, you can no longer attack her. Add Nex instance so that ironmen can actually kill the damn boss. Please. Add Nex instance. Thank you for coming to my TED talk.
  5. Loving this, this'll be amazing to follow!
  6. Any achievement where you have to use equipment, whether it's "Equip x" or "kill x with x equipped" the achievement doesn't work if the equipment is T2. This is making achievement hunting really tedious if you have no T1 gear in the bank, pls pls fix.
  7. This aged like fine wine.
  8. Idk if this should be in Report a Bug or Feedback, but I'll just put it here. Now I'm not a professional coder, so I don't know if there's a real difference between Windows & Mac clients, but I've never had this problem on my other pc, so I figured I'd put this here just in case. Anti-AFK event doesn't show the actual keyboard in order to spell out the word, so I am forever trapped (or just restart client, I know).
  9. Could be, I've got 4 jars so it could be that the Zulrah one is bugged.
  10. Sorry to say my dude, looks like it's just bugged for you.
  11. Like Xeno said, why not? Support!
  12. Bruh I thought making a poll would be easier but I have to fill out this field apparently
  14. Definitely agree with this. Have tried using different magic setups, especially while at Zulrah. Arma Bstaff is supposed to be amazing there, but I'm usually looking at 2:30 kill times while I do significantly less using Trident, which also has lower fire rate. Magic should be looked at. pls. pls.
  15. Recently I created a new Hardcore Ironman, Hilarious. I thought it'd be funny to see what I can do without dying for once, so I'm out here making goals for my new baby. Goals: Not die.
  16. I think most of this message belongs in the Suggestions category, greater chance of it being seen as a suggestion there.
  17. Well this is going to be interesting, I honestly didn't even know Special Restore flask was a thing. This is game-changing.
  18. Saw this in-game a couple of weeks ago and was almost disappointed that the idea was scrapped. So glad I just read this!

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