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  1. Excitement is through the roof! Awesome work as always Matt, glad there's a professional exterminator here to vanquish all the bugs!
  2. Haven't even gotten around to do the Camel Boy quest yet, but the rewards sound so amazing I now have to. Using an empty flask on a potion and making it full instantly would be a great option!
  3. Minor(Major for Ironman imo) QoL suggestion Having to right-click potions to select "Use" to pour into a flask is very minor but still annoying, which is why I'm pretty sure most people spam-click a flask and use it on a potion. But as soon as you mess one click up you take a sip of your potion and that can be pretty annoying, especially as an Ironman when you can't just buy new potions. That is why I am suggesting adding an option to change places on the "Use" and "Drink" option for potions. If you're making 500 flasks, you don't want to have to be careful when clicking. It save
  4. After the latest system update Zulrah no longer respawns in the instance, you've gotta tele like the good old days.
  5. Not much of a feedback, just a little something regarding the new Group Ironman mode. Been playing it constantly now for a week together with Kemi in my group, and I must say that this new mode is amazing. I've had a blast playing with Kemi this past week where we've shared many laughs and even more inside mockeries. It's a great way to get to know individual players and just have a fun time with your friends even as an Ironman. This is a great feature that has been added and I hope a lot of people will test this out. Branch out, create a group with people you don't know. Make frien
  6. Never written anything like this before, but here goes. I started playing back in April/May 2018, and have been playing (on and off) ever since. I've seen many people come and go, made lots of friends(and enemies), had a lot of fun with people. Being an ironman is a hellalot of fun. If you lose bank, you can't just buy or gamble your way back, you actually have to re-acquire everything from wherever you got it. When you want to go bossing and you've ran out of potions or food, well you'll just have to wait with bossing and go do your 'chores'. But, like all good things,
  7. Being a victim of this I fully support this.
  8. But, I still have permanent run energy out of combat.
  9. Oh my god how have I never noticed those icons wtf.
  10. Now, I haven't played in a long time so unfortunately I haven't followed all the patch notes, but I read the last 5 or 6 and haven't seen anything documented so I thought I'd post it here. Don't know if this has to do with Ironman rework or if it could be something else. When I use Goliath Gloves, the stun doesn't work. The animation shows, but it doesn't stun the creature I'm fighting. When you become a Zamorak Donator, you get a permanent Ava's Accumulator effect outside of the Wilderness, but I don't have that even though I'm Saradomin Donator. That is all. Thank you for
  11. Hard clue step, ;;tele Hunter now takes you to the Wildy, took me about 20 minutes but the fastest way I found to get to that point now is to ;;tele Fishing and run straight west, over the bridge, run alongside the Gnome Stronghold wall until it ends and then keep running north-northwest, eventually you will find the mining icon on your minimap and from there you can align your character with the picture.
  12. Currently making Super Restore Flasks or Prayer Renewal Flasks aren't possible. Whenever I try to use a Super Restore (4) on a Potion Flask it just says nothing interesting happens.(And 'Could not find player to report. Please notify an administrator.) Edit: Same goes for trying to make Prayer Renewal Flasks.
  13. Very nice guide! An alternative to Blood Barrage would be using Ice Barrage, as that freezes Kraken and lets you get a few free hits in.
  14. Hey, I can see my name in this! Loving this concept, would be awesome to see this as a monthly thing!
  15. I honestly don't even remember how I found Ely, but I'm pretty sure it was from a RSPS Community on Facebook. And boy am I glad I found it.
  16. Clar


    bumping bcuz it made me smile
  17. This is very-well thought out - support!

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