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Found 1 result

  1. Hello everyone and welcome to the first edition of Ely's newspaper [April] Before we start, i just want to say that this is the first edition and hopefully there will be more editions in the future (1 edition for every month) This edition contain many stuff about what happened in April Hope you enjoy! In-Game Updates There are some great updates happened in April: * New monster has been added to the game ( Venenatis) many stuff about this monster Read more https://www.elyrsps.net/forums/topic/3826-patch-notes-li-51-venenatis/ - By Lation * We got a new vote shop & there is a new amazing outfits and masks so make sure to check that! Read more https://www.elyrsps.net/forums/topic/3847-patch-notes-lii-52-new-vote-shop-misc-fixes/ - By Lation Forums Updates There is no forums updates happened in April Staff Updates Promoted Vegemite has promoted to Server Support Rahamies has promoted to Server Support Resigned Luke has resigned from his position as Admin There are many important threads happened in April but i can't add them all in here so i have to choose the top threads! * Amazing guide made by Jordan about the prices of the items it will help you a lot, so make sure to check it out! https://www.elyrsps.net/forums/topic/3849-elys-offical-price-guide/ * New exclusive mystery boxes, every month there will be a different mystery boxes, that means new items also some rare items Read more https://www.elyrsps.net/forums/topic/3844-exclusive-monthly-mystery-boxes/ By Lation * There is a new guide has been posted lately about forums, so if you don't know how to use the forums you can check it out! Read more https://www.elyrsps.net/forums/topic/3884-forums-qa-guide/ By @Ninja We have arrived to the achievements section which is contain some achievements that happened to players in April Here are some of the achievements: * @Ninja has achieved 99 Thieving * Conbonser has achieved 99 Magic * Boxedmochi has achieved 200m xp in Prayer * Tempest Kane has achieved 99 Farming * Tihlz has achieved 99 cooking * Endgame has achieved 99 Dungeoneering * TheReaper has achieved 200m xp in Cooking * Revelations has achieved 99 Fishing * Homegurl has achieved 120 Dungeoneering I made 2 interviews Interview with Hades 1) When you joined Ely, what was your first opinion? When I joined we where a small community, I was amongst the few that started playing the server. It was great its one of the best places and games I have made friends in. Coming back was amazing. 2) What is your favorite skill? Fishing, we raced to get the first 99 and first to max the skill. Im happy where I stand and love it. 3) Do you have any suggestions to make Ely rise? Nope, Lation has and is doing an amazing job with the team he has. 4) Who is your favorite player and staff member? Kari, who doesn't love cheese. 5) What is your next goals in Ely? To stay, get comp cape and max all my skills. 6) What do you like to do in your life? I love cooking and spending time with my Fiance. 7) Something you dislike in Ely? Gambling. I hate gambling. Interview with Rahamies 1) How did you joined ely? FInded it from moparscape server list and gived a try. 2) How do you feel about your role as server support? No toughts. 3) Things you like in Ely? Community mostly. 4) Who is your favorite staff member? and why? Jordan is my favorite staff member and the reason is when i started he helped me to get into ely. 5) Things you like to do in your life? On weeksday ill just play ely, watch tv and drink beer. Weekends ill hang out mostly whit friends by drinking beer. 6) What is your goals in Ely and in your life? In Ely my goals is 5b xp and comp and whit em fill collection log. In my life goal is pay house debt in next 22 year. 7) Do you have any suggestions/ideas you wish to be added into the server? Raids but they are probably already working on it. Thanks for both of you! Some of Gfx works Video Of The Month By Morgen Pictures Of The Month Memes Of The Month *Note there is going to be more editions in the future, also maybe if we have a section in the forums for our newspaper that would be amazing and i may choose some players to help me with the newspaper editions (newspaper team) Regards @Ninja

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