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  1. I like that idea, like Blademaster's Ring, Sharpshooter's Ring, and Arcane Ring
  2. Actually pretty neat idea, like a "Blazefire" Orb that adds more stats possibly + its own Blaze Spell which could be pretty good with ice npc's like Glacors or Ice Strykes, but also a good pvp spell and such
  3. I had the idea from other people and decided to post it. So I can't say I did the work, but others as well. I feel that Graetorian sets should have some sort of effect with each piece. T80s for example from Nex give HP bonuses. Should we add a set effect/piece effect for Graetorian sets, as well as this set? Maybe accuracy/attack multiplier with certain spells, and the likes; or would it make it overpowered?
  4. Harbinger drops the Range set of Greatorian Armor, Melee armor is dropped by Graetoriax. Imagine a boss that would also drop the magic equivalent. 1. The boss would drop the armor pieces, which would consits of a Head, Top, Bottom slot. (Possibly even a Mage amulet of that nature?) 2. Would the SOEH be moved from Harbinger, to this new boss? 3. Would Grisis tome stay in Ruins? or possibly move the new boss into ruins as an option which would make it seem fair. EDIT: 4. Along with the staff, do you think the staff should have a wand, and maybe even a new book, with possibly its own spell like Polypore currently has?
  5. Of course I do hope to see something like this in the future when there's a set agenda for higher tiers or such, possibly adding it with another boss with possibly even a defender/range offhand for it as well. Only thing that would get me concerned is how the Twisted Bow would fair because its OSRS content, but at the same time it would be way overpowered against most of the other weapons in the game.
  6. Thanks anyway I guess; was only an Idea.
  7. Yeah, It would be something along the lines of 50% on any other attack possibly, but with Rubies it would be a bigger chunk because of the effect
  8. That could make sense, would it be the same drop rate as the bow?
  9. The ACB doesn't fire the bolt types passive special attack. That's what my aim was for this one. It could shoot the passive effect of lets say, Ruby Bolts on like Nex to do massive dmg for 75-100% of ur special.
  10. #1 If we have a custom bow, should also atleast match a custom crossbow, at some point in the future. #2 it wouldn't be paylocked, it wouldnt release without a way to get it. Although shit can be bought through donor, I dont support the idea of it being that way anyway. #3 You dont always miss or hit with anything, if you added a custom bow, why not a custom crossbow, stats can be matched or mixed around, thats why I said im up for ideas on it. #4 What would you suggest the special attack do? Theres already ones like ACB that give you the 100% accuracy thing for that one shot.
  11. Imagine a crossbow that is Tier 95-99 that could shoot the special attack on any bolt, through a special attack? The crossbow would be slightly better than Royal, but in accuracy standards or something (im up for ideas on it) Currently we have up to Royal C'bow and no other custom Crossbow, but we have a custom bow. I was thinking of naming a new crossbow the "Arcane" or "Mythical" Crossbow, or a good name like that. I suggested this because I thought it sounded interesting at first thought and expressed it to other people, since theres already a Graetorian Recurve Bow, but nothing about a new crossbow. It wouldn't be TOO overpowered, because certain bolt specials deduct a certain amount of special attack energy. Any Bolts other than Ruby = maybe 30-50% Special Attack Bar Ruby = 75-100% since it can do a massive deal of damage on certain bosses. (i.e Graetoriax/Corp/Any high HP boss, including Nex) Of course the passive effect of the bolts are always a think anyway, just the added option to use special attack energy for this would deem it useful for when you need to spec something. Diamond bolts pierce through defence, but Im not sure if they reduce the defence of the enemy you're fighting. If they do, then that would also be a great feature for the special attack of Diamond bolts, etc. This is just a draft idea I had, not really much else to come up with. Don't hate if you don't like it, I'm only a mere player that enjoys the game for what it is.
  12. Now that I think about it that way, I don't support this decision, Idk what Fiery primals do, or how any of those work but I feel like now they need re-done or something.
  13. Cargo Management at a Train yard here in Indianapolis, currently an asst. manager that helps people with welding, cleaning, and load/unloading cargo. Also out of work due to Covid, which makes no sense since technically this should be an essential job, but then again its hundreds of people back to back working in sludgey conditions sometimes.
  14. Sure! Ive got high magnitude images of a few of the constellations as well, like Ursa Major/Minor, Orion, larger pictures of the moon, Ive got a full picture (as best as I can get it) of Saturn. My set up costs a shit lot of money though, I don't remember what the price was but it was 4 figures+ Once I find one of my cases where I put my flash drives and stuff I can bring them up
  15. Yeah I have a high res camera set up to the telescope, and I used my laptop to get better imaging through it. I think I have a good image of Triangulum somewhere in a file but I need a new laptop. I have most of my stuff saved on a drive for the occasion.

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