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  1. Agreed, especially with the fight caves one. When people are grinding for the cape or onyx is gets pretty spammy
  2. Figured id update this thing, little over halfway done with fishing, took a break to do reaper for some charm drops, haven't used most of the supplies I got from it though. Hit 1.5b total xp, not a huge milestone but its pretty nice. Hopefully Ill finish fishing soon, currently at 86,500 sharks fished, need a little under 150k for 200m fishing.
  3. https://i.imgur.com/HL41ztC.png I think I got yall beat
  4. No clue lol too much if you ask me
  5. Pretty sure its only the animation that doesn't work, the item still gives stats and everything, you just look like a dummy attacking with it lol, still needs fixed ofc
  6. I would love this, would help with ironmen if they can have it show only your drops for them as well. +1 ofc
  7. 1. You cannot reply until someone else has (No two posts in a row) Kao disqualified, ez 2
  8. Yeah that'd definitely bring a lot more attention to the lottery system and hopefully get more people to use it, support
  9. Rooftop agility always fun, support
  10. 200m Firemaking done, wasn't too bad tbh, used a total of around 46.5k magic logs I believe. Used the remaining ~500 logs for a little bit of fletching xp. Then got all my Crimson and Blue charms out of Item Redemption and used those along with the ones I got from FM to get me around 53m Summoning, used Voting Tickets on that. My plan is to only use the voting tickets on skills that require a lot of resources that are annoying to get, like crafting and smithing. Currently working on fishing but idk if i'm going to go for that one next, might wait and see what the next update will provide, currently with the full fishing outfit on i'm getting 1,244 xp per shark which would make it around 150k sharks to 200m fishing. Sounds like shit so we'll see. Might just do Runecrafting and get 200m before Kyle 😉
  11. After cutting 47k magic logs and switching to ivy for awhile I finally finished 200m woodcutting! Woot. Now working on 200m fm, dunno whats after.
  12. I agree with Kari here, a lot of the game modes don't have competition so theres still room for competition in certain aspects. Try out legend mode or even Ultimate Ironman, two of the most not played game modes with lots of room for competition and a bit of a grind.
  13. Mining is probably the worst skill to train atm, takes forever on any acc, even takes a bit on an easy acc. Any way to help this skill feel a little better in a rsps would be nice
  14. Agreed with the restriction to ironmen

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