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Staff Changes & June (Exclusive) Mystery Box

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I'd like to welcome & congratulate the following..

spacer.pngKemi -> spacer.pngKemi

spacer.pngJordan -> spacer.pngJordan

Jordan, you've done spectacular as Support and were always a stand out player. It's been nothing but a pleasure having you on the Ely team and I am excited to announce you are now a Moderator! You've set a high bar for the ones coming up beneath you 😉..

Kemi, same goes for you. You've been a stand out player from the start, have always been helpful, kind, polite & respectful and it is without question you'd end up on our team. We love to have you brother, congratulations!


We bring in the start of June with the latest Exclusive Mystery Box!
What is in these boxes & what is the exclusive item of the month?

Let's see..



New item(s):

Bone Pack (Frost, Dagannoth & Ourg)
Free Custom Item (Recolor) Ticket




This Free Custom Item (Recolor) ticket is trade-able, so you may buy & sell amongst player's who may want it more or bid the highest! We are allowing some wiggle room in these tickets meaning: you may request something a bit more than just a recolor, but nothing too ridiculous & along the lines of Dreamscape, lul (ex: Marzera's Peahat, Sparco's Godsword [a Dominion Sword held over your shoulder]). If you receive this ticket you may turn it into any Administrator for a custom item recolor of your choice! 



Some (not all) Common items:

Gilded armor pieces
Saradomin Hiss, Murmur & Whisper
Whip Vine
Zamorakian Spear
Black Mask
Focus Sight
Flared Trousers

Some Uncommon items:

Halloween Mask Mystery Box
Divine Spirit Shield
Assassin pieces
Colored Staff of Lights
Barrows Set Boxes

Some Rare Items:

Zaryte Box
Partyhat Box
Christmas Cracker
Third-age Set Boxes
All Primal Armor (no weapons; that was last month)
& Free Custom Item Ticket

And as always.. these boxes rarity tables are insane! Wish you all the best of luck on this month's first batch & I'll see you in-game! Lookin for that first Free Custom Item Recolor Ticket 😉

Visit the store by clicking here for the countdown.

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Gz to kemi for making it on staff team and gz to Jordan for making it to Mod both fit into the rolls perfectly.

Just waiting on my demote now I aint only Mod.

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Congratulations Kemi!

and jordan too i guess 😕

Sweet boxes, Only got a lil bit shafted! But fun! ❤️

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Boxes looking sexy! Congrats to Kemi, prepare for the bullying 😄

Thanks everyone as well, was unexpected 😄

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