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Patch Notes XXXI (#31) New Weekend Event, Seasonal Boss & more

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The new Seasonal Group Boss


We welcome the addition of this holiday's new boss: Big Tiddy Goth Leprechaun for St. Patrick's Day!

As many of you have seen previously we introduced our first seasonal boss back at Christmas.

This is a follow-up to the new addition of rotating seasonal bosses in Ely! With this new leprechaun boss

comes a few new items into the game such as: Captured Leprechaun pet, Ring of Coins, leprechaun hats & more!




As the Christmas event boss was, this one is as well. It's an easy-to-kill group boss for all players to enjoy.

Hangout, chat & get some loots. Every single player that does damage to the NPC will receive a drop(s).

The Leprechaun has a max hit of 20 & 100K hitpoints.


To get to this new boss, enter the portal that has been placed at home next to the Slayer Master:




The new Weekend Event (Every Friday)


Every Friday we ran a Double PK Points event. Due to a low player count & limited PK-ing activity

I asked you all what you would like to see that would be more fitting for a Friday Event.. and with

overwhelming support people requested we add double Dungeoneering Tokens instead.


Today, that has happened. Every Friday you will now receive DOUBLE Dung Tokens! If you happen

to be the lucky player for that day you will receive EVEN MORE than double! Enjoy, fam :).



Bug fixes & quality of life changes


1. Cannons will no longer remain in Corporal Beast's lair when teleporting out or exiting the Passage Way


2. The drop rate chance on Crystals from Cerberus has been increased


3. All Extreme potions (attack, strength, defense, range & magic) are now notable


4. When an UIM withdrawals from a herb pouch, they will now be sent to inventory & excess on the ground (it will still go to bank for all others)


5. Graetoriax items, holiday items & most others are now all tradable on the Grand Exchange


6. Getting an already removed Slayer task again has been fixed


7. Boss NPC instances not respawning has been fixed


8. More Blue Dragon spawns have been added in the Taverly Dungeon


9. All Dragon's fire breathing attack animation has been corrected


10. Black Mask drop rate chance has been increased from 1/137 to 1/80


11. A bank chest has been added at Fight Caves for a better UIM experience


12. Rune Platebodies now correctly require 5 Rune Bars instead of 3


13. Black H'ween, Black Santa Hat & Partyhat colors have been corrected


14. Royal crossbow is now tradable


15. Last vote not updating properly has been corrected



Content updates & changes


1. Double PK Points every Friday has been replaced with Double Dungeoneering Tokens


2. You can now check your Completionist Cape requirements by doing "comp" in console


3. All 3 thieving stalls behind home bank have been doubled from 5K, 7.5K & 10K to 10K, 15K & 25K respectively


4. Bandos+ Donor auto-Charm pickup feature now has a toggle on / off option (type "charmpickup" in console)


5. Partyhat Box has been added to Donor Store for only 350EP - Get a chance at a more expensive partyhat for less (chance for every color is the same)


6. A H'ween Box has been added to Donor Store for only 55EP


7. The Magic Watering can in Skilling store is now only 5K points


8. Goldsmith Gauntlets now available in Skilling shop for 15K points (get 2x Smithing XP when smelting Gold Ore)


9. All items in Vote shop had prices reduced by 50% to make up for the way Vote Tickets work


10. 400K Coins Ticket added to Vote Shop for 2 Vote Tickets (sell in General store for full 400k price)


11. Brand new items available in the Vote Shop (whip, colored Robin Hood hats, Mystery Boxes & more)


12. PvM Shop has been updated with the 'Lucky' variant of most items (all lucky items stats are reduced approx. 10% than their normal versions)


13. World events are now recorded in Discord under #server-news channel (never miss another Shooting Star/Wildy Wyrm/Evil Tree)


14. Added Mystery box & Super Mystery boxes opened under Misc Stats in 'accinfo'





























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EDIT: Lucky items in PvM shop have about a 10% reduction in stats as their normal counterparts.


However, thank you all for the great feedback! Love to see it

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Straight up best update I’ve read. So blessed to be part of a server where developers are constantly listening to suggestions. Absolutely love it oh my god yes uim bank at jad

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