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Patch Notes XXI

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Super Mystery Boxes!


These boxes are nothing short of super. Available now in the Donor Shop for 10EP!


You can expect something useful (tons of skilling supplies), a great source of GP, and even a high chance at very rare items nearly every time!


The Drop Table to these boxes will be posted shortly. In short these boxes can include:

Tons of skilling supplies, Partyhat's, Torva, Pernix & Virtus pieces, PRIMAL GEAR & most items from the Summer Shop!

Such as: Amulet of the Damned, Treasonous Ring, all Primal Weapons & MORE!


These items will exclusively only be available through these boxes while the Summer Shop is gone until next year.


Even more exclusive to JUST these Super Mystery Boxes is a BRAND NEW & rare item in Ely..


The Rainbow Partyhat!




I went ahead & opened 500 Super Mystery Boxes on a brand new account to

Showcase the many different benefits & aspects of the benefits of an SMB.


In this first screenshot, I had opened 500 SMB's and threw everything in the bank for a quick glance.




Keep in mind, I've done this on multiple accounts and this was the worst set of 500 I have had yet.

I decided to showcase this one to show the worst possible scenario.



I then went into the bank, and pulled out all the Skilling Packs, and regular MB's and opened them.

Then did some organizing for a more clear look at what we have so far.




Keep in mind in this GIF, I have 0 GP in my Money Pouch; which will be relevant in the next screenshot.



I then go back into the bank, and High Alch all the extra Dragon Picks, Hatchets, Katana's, and others.




Also, I did not High Alch everything I could have and already had over 1B in Cash alone.


I'm excited to see all the loot people will gain from these boxes, which are bountiful!

The screenshots above only depict a relatively small amount of what is available in these boxes.


You can find these boxes alongside Regular Mystery Boxes in the Donor Shop for 10EP!


Next up, The Crystal Chest!


We've went ahead and made some beautiful changes to the Crystal Chest. Take a look:


GP amounts upped from 100k - 500k to 500k & 1M.


Rune bars, all Planks & Uncut Dragonstone's upped from 20 - 60 to 40 & 80.


Guthix, Zamorak and Saradomin Arrows upped from 500 - 1K to 700 & 1.2K.


Crystal keys upped from 2 - 3 to 3 & 4.


Adamant bars added, at the same rarity as Rune bars but with a chance between 60 or 130.


Magic seeds have been added at the same rarity as the bars with a chance between 1 or 3 seeds.


All other seed quantities upped from 3 - 7 to 5 & 10.


Coal has been added to the Chest as uncommon at amounts of 200.


Dagganoth Bones added as uncommon at amounts of 10-20.


Exclusively available ONLY through the Crystal Chest

For the Month of October ONLY for 2018 is a Halloween Cosmetic set!




Each piece of this set is rare, and it is a non-tradable cosmetic. This outfit is BRAND NEW to Ely

and will never be seen again after this Month. So, collect the whole set while you can!


A Brand New Skilling Area


Introducing the Citadel Skilling area! With a much less cluttered feel, and more vibrant graphics

This place offers a whole new feel to skilling. Tons of Ore, Trees, all the necessary NPC's,

Everything you're familiar with in the previous skilling area is now available here.


Available in this location as well is Manta Ray & Sea Turtle fly fishing!

Also look forward for some amazing Thieving XP with the Dwarf Trader! Requires 90 Thieving.




Lastly; a few other notable updates..


Max Cash Vouchers




When you have achieved a Maxed amount of Cash in-game, it will automatically turn into a Max Cash Voucher.

As seen above, you may use this as currency to another player or exchange it at any time for the GP itself.




- A Damage Counter has been added to Graetoriax The Unbroken!


- Bots will no longer drop stacks of Cash at their Stalls (sorry)!


- The General Store sell limit has been removed!


- The Regular Mystery Boxes have had Partyhat's & Christmas Cracker removed and those items have been replaced with Chaotics: Rapier, Longsword, Crossbow, Kiteshield, etc!


* 100% credits to our Moderator Nicky for creating the Rainbow Partyhat.

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Definitely one of the best updates to the server. I already got the Hween outfit plus a placeholder lol. Super M Boxes are a little OP but i dont mind lol.... New Skilling area is awesome! Great work!

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