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  1. Use the link button when posting links to make it easier for people to click on pictures but nice man!
  2. Ingame Username: DropsRS Description of bug: Every time i try to continue up to the next floor when it is nomad it puts me in a nulled state. Screenshots, if possible: https://gyazo.com/1ac0ad9cbc05dc524a0d37d0753ee63b Detailed Explaination: exactly what i said above, only does it when nomad is the next monster, every other monster it sends me straight up to the next floor.
  3. DropsRS

    Ely Wiki

    Agreed, will be extremely beneficial. Outstanding suggestion
  4. DropsRS


    I would like to see everything implemented above. DZ definitely needs revamping
  5. Can we get more explanations on the Super Mystery Box please
  6. This is pretty cool. Thanks for posting, wish i would have done something like this
  7. lol its just annoying to not know how many cannonballs are in cannon let alone having to wait for it to be completely empty to load again....
  8. Username (ingame): DropsRS Suggestion (short description): Allow us to color our cannons, also please add a ticker that shows the amount of cannonballs left in cannon and allow us to fill it while its loaded with some... very frustrating that we have to wait to fill it again until it is empty. Why (explain what this will benefit, and how): Make the cannon better to use and will be more convenient. Details (a more thorough explanation of the above): already stated
  9. Definitely agree with Skilling supplies
  10. I support this but I think instead of armor it should drop extra dung tokens and xp lamps.
  11. DropsRS

    New Content

    bumping this thread, needs more input to even be considered im sure..... .speak your thoughts!
  12. Very disappointing that this is still uncertain. new bosses create new players. I really hope you and the staff implement these changes.
  13. def. one of the better suggestions . SUPPORT
  14. DropsRS

    New Content

    Username (ingame): DropsRS Suggestion (short description): A lot of content to be added. I think one of the reasons this server only has about 30 actually dedicated members and not more is because it is lacking content. It is lacking those standout features that other servers don't have. There needs to be lower tiered bosses gauged towards PvM'ing. I am going to list out a bit of bosses/monsters that can be added to the game and the drops they could possibly drop. 1. Zulrah/Kraken - Already in another suggestion so take a look at that. Was posted by Jeremy here. 2. Scorpia - Could drop Maladiction shards and Odium Shards for the respective shields also could drop one of the WIlderness rings 3. Cerberus - Have them drop Primordial, Pegasian and Eternal crystals, would create a lower tiered Steadfast , Glaiven and Ragefire boot. And could also drop smouldering stone to add to pickaxe or hatchet. 4. Callisto - Could drop Dragon pickaxe, along with cannonballs for cannon. Maybe some higher tier herblore supplies that you cant buy from ge. Keep boss in wilderness to add the risk factor but have the supplies drop in bulk. Wilderness Ring possibly as well. 5. Venenatis - Could drop a Dragon Hatchet , maybe some crafting supplies or some sort of skilling supplies. Could also drop andother one of the Wilderness Rings 6. Could also add in a skilling boss such as oldschool has Wintertodt. Maybe have it as a Theiving boss or something like that , maybe runecrafting? 7. Vorago - Could drop a new best in slot magic wand. And maybe some best in slot armor just like Grae has done for Melee armor. 8. Solak - Could drop a tier below the Royal Crossbow but one tier above the CCB ranged bow or cbow. Could also drop best in slot range armor. 9. The Magister - This could bring the Effigies back , have it drop effigies and maybe some items already in the games like Dragon Boots or Whip Vines or something. That is all I have for PvM monsters being added. Another great thing to take a look at is how to get PvP more attractive to people. Thats one of the main things people play a RSPS for, yet there is no pvp in our server really. Please feel free to add your additional suggestions onto this thread. Why (explain what this will benefit, and how): Creating more content not only brings new players to the server but it also keeps the current playerbase with plenty to do and explore. It stops players from getting increasingly bored and keeps everything fresh. Details (a more thorough explanation of the above): I think I made it very thorough. Thanks Everyone, DropsRS
  15. Bump, Please add. need more content that is lower tiered.

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