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Patch Notes LXXIX (#79) Bug Fixes, Client Update, Upgrade Additions & More

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Bug Fixes, Additions & More


Prices in the Tokkul shops have been adjusted
Dragon Gauntlets added to Spiritual Mage's drop table
Iron Dragon spawning in wall at Ancient Cavern fixed
Group Ironmen inviting each other to Dungeoneering party fixed
Depositing noted items from looting bag into bank bug fixed
Fixed Shadow sword & Ring of Visibility bug
Defeat Jad without armor achievement bug fixed
All farming achievements have been fixed (broke from Farming rework)
Jar generator at Puro-puro is now functional
Anytime a player is stuck in-game, after 30 seconds it should reset you (fixes multiple bugs)
Steroid Dragons in Catacombs have been fixed
Praetorian gloves (non-imbued) are now tradable
Nex minions now die when Insta-darts are used
Vorkath & Zulrah kill counts now track correctly in the Collection Log
Graetoriax freezing on the fire ball attack has been fixed
Yell's now have a 5 second cooldown between yells (Thank @Scatt for this)
Killing Jad will now count as a kill for TzHaar slayer NPCs
Forlorn Primal's have been adjusted to roll the chance at floor completion & reduced rate to 1/500
Added all the proper animations to all Maul's in Dungeoneering

The following items have been added into Cosmetic Mystery Boxes:
 Silly jester outfit & stick
    Ring of Coins
    Ring of Stone
    Ring of the Six
    All ornament kits (or & sp)
        Including Torture & Anguish kits

Updated examine value on the following items:
    Primal full helm (incl. T2)
    Primal platebody (incl. T2)
    Primal platelegs (incl. T2)
    Primal plateskirt (incl. T2)
    Primal kiteshield (incl. T2)
    Primal Warhammer
    Primal Spear (incl. T2)
    Graetorian Defender (incl. T2)
    Promethium full helm (incl. T2)
    Promethium platebody (incl. T2)
    Promethium platelegs (incl. T2)
    Promethium kiteshield (incl. T2)
    Promethium battleaxe (incl. T2)
    Promethium longsword (incl. T2)
    Promethium rapier(incl. T2)
    Promethium warhammer (incl. T2)
Promethium maul (incl. T2)

Added new Team Cape shops to "William" in the Wilderness (Near Demonic Ruins & Red Dragon Isle)



Added the ability to create the "Fire max cape"


The following items are now available for upgrade:

*Note: Upgrading base Chaotics do not increase stats, only removes degradation.
    It is possible to upgrade Chaotic (t2)'s to (t3)'s therefore increasing their stats by 10%.

**Note: Splitting an Abyssal vine whip (t2) will remove its (t2) status & return the normal whip & vine.


Client Updates

We have added the functionality to increase your own draw distance & zooming ability.
Note: Depending on many factors the results of increasing your zoom & draw distance may have adverse affects.

Draw Distance settings can be found in the "Client Performance" section of the client. By default this is set to 10. If you are having poor performance issues, consider reducing this number. The image below is a draw distance of 25 while fully zoomed out. When changing the draw distance, you must restart your client to take effect (max draw distance available is 30).

However, the "Double Zoom" option will.. increase your zooming ability by x2. This does not require a client reboot & instead live-updates. Again, these features are mostly experimental and may have adverse affects. We welcome you to experiment and find your happy-medium.

(If you experience any unwanted issues with the client update, reduce your draw distance & ensure double zoom is disabled)

Finally, one last thing we are quite certain we resolved on our client: a laggy home. We surely hope the laggy home is a thing of the past in this latest client update.



Ever thought you'd sit at home, fully zoomed out, with view distance increased & zero FPS drops or lag?
Well it's here.


Final Note

We are extremely excited about these client upgrades - we know many of you have been requesting for a way to increase your view/draw distance recently. This was no small task and required hours of troubleshooting and digging through obfuscated code, but we believe we achieved a terrific result. Not only did we increase the distances & zooms, but we put the control in your hands via the "Client Performance" settings so you can find your sweet spot.

Lastly, the bug fixes & additions we are also excited about. More items available to upgrade, more bug fixes resolved, new fashionscape available.. all around a great update & we hope you are as excited as we are. With that said, comment & let us know your thoughts ❤️

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HELL YEAH!!! Such a good QOL update im loving it! Great job matt and lation for all the hard work you guys put in 🙂

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would be awesome to see a comp cape imbued with kiln/fire cape 😄

real glad to see some of these updates here tho, looking forward to a smoother running client 🙂

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Ely is a server that really takes time to care and listen to its players, and it's very evident through the way weekly updates continue to impress the playerbase. Huge thanks to Lation & Matt for continously fixing and fine tuning the game we all love. Im sure im not the only one, but it makes me so proud to be part of a community such as this.




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Yasss now I can finally sit at home and see EVERYTHING!

Great job guys 🙂

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