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Battle Royal Auras

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Currently these are kind of stuck behind a huge ballache of a minigame. No one plays it and it takes a huge amount of games to play to even upgrade each aura to level 4.

So im suggesting adding these to a more appropriate location being the PVM shop.. 

I do realise you can gain a huge amount of points easy so therefore these will be at a very high cost for each upgrade, increasing for each level you buy.

For exmaple:

Attack Aura level 1 = 500K Points > Level 2 = 750k > Level 3 = 1.5M > Level 4 = 2.25M 

Leaving each aura totalling up to 4.5M PVM points.




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Revamping the Battle Royale minigame would take too much planning and time that could be put to better use on other projects which benefit the server in a more positive manner.

For that very reason I support this change to be made. This will make the auras more accessible to all, while also keeping them as a lengthy grind.


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I've always been behind revamping the minigame to be honest, but considering how much effort and time that could take I could get behind your suggestion.

However, battle royale would need some new rewards then, any suggestions?

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I fully support this addition! It's impossible to get a team together for BR unless an event is going on and even then you're lucky to get more than three rounds in.

The PvM Store is currently very lacklustre for ironman accounts, the addition of this would not only fill that void, but give regular players something to grind towards as the auras could open a new market (once the remaining three are altered to tradable). 

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I played BR literally twice, (as an event) really enjoyed it the second time as I got the hang of it more so. So I definitely support improvements to it.


Being as lack of participation is the main flaw, I see additions to the minigame having nothing but a good outcome.



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