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Boss log titles

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We have a collection log so why not. Here's some suggestions titles (different from RS to add some uniqueness to the server) that could be added for each boss. 




Armadyl - Playername the Justiciar 

Bandos - Playername the Wargod

Zamorak - Playername the Wrathful

Saradomin - Playername the Icyene 

Nex - Playername the Corrupted

All Godwars titles - Playername the Ambassador




King Black Dragon - Dragonslayer Playername (highlight if not visible with forum backround)

Venenatis - Eight-legged Playername

Chaos Elemental - Playername of Chaos

WildyWyrm - Wyrmslayer Playername

All Wilderness titles - Fearless Playername


Other bosses


Zulrah - Playername the Toxic

Kraken - Slimy Playername

Tormented Demon - Tormented Playername

Skotizo - Dark Lord Playername

Demonic Gorillas - Ballistic Playername

Cerberus - Hellspawn Playername

Vorkath - Frostfire Playername

TzTok-Jad - Playername of Fire

Har-Aken - Playername of Magma (requires the boss kc)

Dagannoth Kings - Fourth King Playername

Corporeal Beast - Dreameater Playername

Nomad - Soulstealer Playername

Queen Black Dragon - Queenbreaker Playername

Kalphite Queen - Queenslayer Playername

Blink - Playername the Insane

Harbringer X'Rul - Guardian Playername

Graetoriax the Unbroken - Graetorian Playername

All Other bosses title - Playername the Resolute 


All titles - Hail to the king, Playername



Reply with your thoughts/opinions.















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You have my support! I'll always happily support anything that is an additional grind and something to work towards.

This method will increase the longevity of endgame accounts with those grinding for all the titles.

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