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Patch Notes LXI (#61)

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Graetoriax Goes Home..


When Graetoriax the Unbroken originally released it belonged to a different part of the map.
Maybe of you who play today will not recognize this area, but to those OG's, you very much will.

Welcome back home, Graetoriax.

(The new area also includes the instance clock for those who prefer some alone time with Grae 😉 )


Ironman Donor Benefits (partially) Return

The Donor Benefits page has been updated to reflect which benefits Ironmen receive.
Below is a short screenshot, demonstrating that any benefits with an Ironman icon next to it,
means that Ironmen will receive that benefit. If no icon, then Ironmen do not receive that benefit.



Client Update - Item names on Ground

Yes. It's here.




Miscellaneous Changes

Ironmen accounts receive Vote Tickets to spend in Shop, but cannot claim XP Boost.
Aura's are now available to all players - locked behind only a Voting requirement, no longer Donor.
Clan chat issue with players that had spaces in their names has been fixed.
Looting bag fixed.
Forlorn Primals now roll their chance at Dungeon completion, instead of NPC kill.
An instance has been added to Kalphite Queen.
New 3rd age item rewards from Clue scrolls now announce properly.

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4 minutes ago, Marzera said:

Why  the change back?


Not that I mind, the old area is mucho nostalgic


EDIT: But honestly because the area is so much more fitting, sexy, etc. 😉

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