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Decanting, Rune Pouch & Runespan Shop

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Maybe one of the most highly requested quality of life updates?
We have re-hauled our Decanter to work better for you. Choose your dose. Decant Flasks.



Rune Pouch

Another yet highly, highly requested item - the Rune Pouch!
Able to store up to 16k of 3 different runes - in 1 inventory slot!
This item will be found in our next addition..



Runespan Shop

Another.. another highly requested addition - the Runespan Shop!
With the addition of the Runespan shop, we have removed Runecrafter robes from the Skilling Mystery Box.
Along with this shop we introduced 2 brand new color options for Runecrafter robes!
(yes, they also give you the set bonus for Runecrafting XP..)



Collection Log

You know what this means.. Collection Log addition!
Find the Runespan log under "Minigames" in your Collection Log!


Lastly; for the Ironmen - Cannonballs are now available in your PvM Shop again!
Hope you enjoyed this update ❤️

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So glad Decanting is now implemented in-game, really makes Herblore training that much easier!

Thanks for the updates, rune pouch and RC outfit alterations will definitely be well met.

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