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Statistics | 20,000 Accounts Created

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Today, a total of 20,000 in-game accounts have been created


To celebrate today's milestone of reaching 20,000+ total in-game accounts created we decided to create a compilation of all the interesting facts & statistics of Ely. The following statistics are as of today (July 14th, 2020) and are a compilation from Day 1 up too today.

In-game accounts created: 20,000+
Forum accounts created: 6,062
Discord members: 829
Total time online: 2 years, 4 months, 10 days
Total drops that have been picked up: 4,029,050
Commands that have been executed: 1,477,014
Visits to our website: 809,844
Total number of live server console errors: 232,605
Total wealth on the top 1,000 accounts: 1.7 Trillion
Total number of votes sent: 121,246
Total number of Mystery Boxes opened: 111,804
( Mystery Boxes opened: 48,493
Super Mystery Boxes opened: 51,335
Exclusive Boxes opened: 11,976 )

World news announcements (drops, welcomes, etc): 93,852
Total completed trades: 52,113
Total number of items purchased from shops (including Donor): 45,099
Grand Exchange transactions completed: 29,718
Bets that have taken place: 14,931
Total deaths: 14,322
Total PvP deaths: 2,413
Duel Arena victories: 1,150
Punishments issued: 653
Number of clans that have been created: 307
Players that have donated over $1,000: 38
Total number of Crystal chests opened: 524,178
Total number of Caskets opened: 48,111

Last but not least, here are the top 20 most wealthy accounts..
(based off total examine value)


P_v_M Worth: 37,960 Million
FrankieS732 Worth: 25,030 Million
potatocheese Worth: 22,264 Million
Vulrahka Worth: 22,026 Million
Guxy Worth: 21,441 Million
Russia Worth: 21,440 Million
kemi Worth: 21,105 Million
Not_Mike Worth: 20,836 Million
Kari2 Worth: 19,221 Million
Valan Worth: 18,920 Million
Goddess Worth: 18,256 Million
IdanikI Worth: 17,621 Million
Nicky Worth: 16,831 Million
ghostdoggie Worth: 15,488 Million
idzy Worth: 15,046 Million
Boats Worth: 14,440 Million
Jeremy Worth: 14,258 Million
xtzunholy Worth: 13,404 Million
nelly Worth: 12,690 Million
nick Worth: 11,434 Million



While those are the only ones I decided to point out - we have included a link to a paste-bin in which you can view for yourself all the nitty-gritty details we pulled to establish parts of this list! Check it out below:

Random Stats: https://pastebin.com/AWUQWsgc
Account Values: https://pastebin.com/z681dfyK

Hope you guys enjoyed this little tad-bit of info 🙂 & thank you all for being a part of Ely and pushing us to where we are today. All the support we get overall from everyone is incredible not to mention the ones who have donated and showed so much love. 

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11 minutes ago, Starry said:

Oh wow, now those are some juicy numbers.

in love spongebob GIF

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nice wow


(i was supposed to be first reply wtf)

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Happy 20k accounts, here's to another 20k 🍻

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Ight my account value is now 800m btw bois so no getting any ideas about calling me poor : (



also yw for contributing to 90% of the deaths up there.

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