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Patch Notes LIII (#53) Tons of Changes, Fixes & a Ruins Update

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Bug Fixes, QoL Changes & a Ruins Update


Today we are bringing you a highly requested & very nice change to our Ruins of Graetoria.

The required kill count to enter the Boss fight has been adjusted to the following:

Solo - 10 Kills is now only 5
Duo - 20 Kills is now only 10

Getting into the Ruins is now twice as fast as before! But there is even more..

Ruins of Graetoria | Void Soulstone

The Void Soulstone is a brand new item that awards you with a 5 kill count credit.

This item is now obtainable from the Slayer Points Shop for 400 points & works very simply:

Bring your Void Soulstone to the Ruins and when choosing a wing to enter it will be consumed & credit you 5 kills!
If you plan to Duo the Ruins - you & your partner can each bring one to total 10 kills for easy entry to Harbinger X'rul!






Miscellaneous Changes, QoL & Fixes 

The first thing to note with this list of changes is - a number of these have already been announced in the Discord.
Not everybody is in the Discord and therefore misses these announcements so we are adding them here as well.

- Coloured Slayer helms can now be disassembled / re-assembled, they can now also be upgraded from their non imbued state.

- Added Bandos Full Helm, KBD, KQ & Abyssal Head drops to world drop announcements

- Baby dragon pets have been added to the misc section of collection log

- Dagannoth kings slayer task has been fixed

- House teletabs have been added to gerrant

- Primal rapier has recieved a buff to match its primal counterparts tier

- Classic cape is now the correct colours

- Draconic lance has had its attack styles changed

- Summoning flasks are now available in the PVM store

- Har'binger now gives PVM Points

- Manta Ray's now give the proper amount of XP per catch

- Kalphite Queen now drops the Kq Head on second phase

- Blacksmith Mask for female models been fixed

- Black Cav & Mask for female models been fixed

- You can no longer place a cannon at Kiln

- Increased Nex's damage cap from 500 to 1,000

- The Ballista now sets your range bonus according to what ammo is equipped

- Hatchling dragon pets now correctly display their proper color

- All GWD Bosses minion's drop table has been updated and now include the gear

- Dragon Javelins have recieved a buff

- Dragon platebody has been removed from KBD collection log and added to Graetoriax's

- Dragon chainbody is no longer discolored

- Reorganized & updated the "cmds" / "commands" list to show recently added commands

- Removed Vine Whip from PKP Shop

- Frost Dragon bones from Skilling Box has been fixed

- A teleport has been added to Killerwatts & Harpie Bug Swarms

- Removed ornament kits from drop announcements

- Nex has recieved some slight positive drop table tweaks

- You can now disassemble Necklace of Anguish (or) & Amulet of Torture (or)

- The "Help" command now opens the Knowledge base 

- The "Guides" command now opens @Kari's Guide Directory for easier navigation

- The "Commands" or "Cmds" command has been updated to better help newer players

Item Examine Value Changes

- Draconic lance
- Dragon Warhammer
- Chaotic recharge token (Now tradeable)
- Ringmaster outfit (Now tradeable)
- Dark claw - (Now untradeable)
- Kbd heads
- Kq head
- Abyssal head
- Tridents of the seas
- Hear, see, speak no evil hats
- Anguish and Torture (or)
- Dragon platebody and full helm ornament kits

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Awesome, love lots of QOL and small changes like this.

Really makes the players feel like the developers care about the small details.



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Plenty of changes, glad to see a major QoL update like this!

Keep them coming guys!!

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