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  1. The magic axe hut out in deep wildy by mage bank has disappeared. Not sure if its a problem with my cache or server but I can't complete my clue
  2. the barrow gloves you get from ironman shop dont give any stats idk if its a known bug but there was an update and they've been broken for a while so thought id post
  3. Could try adding that yawtkee stick for hunter to the hunting shop and then add the skilling mystery boxes in its place. Some simple and easy to do. My main issue is the lack of having something to dump points in. Im sure im not the only one with a fatty amount of points laying around.
  4. you just re quoted what i just said lol... i've been playing for 5 months i understand how to fix the issue. but its a pain in the ass
  5. ++++ If my titan is told to attack/summoned while under the monster, it dances around nonstop. Only way to fix is to walk across the room, re summon, and re click familiar attack. Please fix
  6. Hello, currently the skilling rewards shop has nothing consumable or repeatable to dump your points into, once you have all the items, there's nothing else to buy! My simple request is that we add medium/huge exp lamps and skilling mystery boxes to the shop so there's something to dump points into.
  7. The 'hunt down this rabbit hole \ fish yourself out a prize' clue step is broken. Please fix soon my entire clue stack is on the same step!
  8. love the attention to the smaller bugs and details, great update

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