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Development Blog (3/7/2020)

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The Coming Update


As previously mentioned we are focusing on becoming more transparent on our development.
With that said below you will find a list of all the fixes that will be live on the next update.

As far as an ETA - I am unsure at this moment (will update when I know).
This list is only what has been done so far - there are plans for more.


Presets can now be changed at the new home (Edgeville)
Primal Spear now works properly on Corporeal Beast (Thanks @P V M)
Dom Super Restore (full) now properly downgrades to (half) when consumed

Catacombs Fixes
Bronze & Iron dragons have had their max hit reduced from 14500 to 650
Dark beasts have had their max hit reduced from 1750 to 500
Added two more dark beasts to the catacomb spawns
Added the proper deviant spectre spawns, just above the ankou's
Shades now correctly attack the player & Have a total of 1200 HP
Shades now have a new drop table, similar to aberrant spectres but with slight buffs due to the power gap
Dagannoth spawns have been replaced with the working NPC ID
Cyclops' NPC ID has been replaced with the working NPC ID, an additional spawn has also been added
Hellhounds have had their drop tables tweaked slightly, with clue scrolls being more rare & runes added
Abyssal demons now require 85 Slayer

The door to the shops at home has been removed (Yw @Sonofares Pk)
A second Kingly Imp spawn has been added north of Quarry
Well of Goodwill information now available in the Quest Tab
The female models for Subjugation has been corrected
Subjugation has been given more appropriate GP values
King Black Dragon has had drops adjustments to allow for longer trips
King Black Dragon respawn timer has been reduced to 20 seconds
Sagittarian chaps now have stats.
Harbinger x'rul's drops have been adjusted, they will now look more favourably upon successful completions.
Items made tradable: Eek, Barrelchest anchor, Eggsterminator
You can now note cleaned herbs on the Tool Leprechaun just as grimy herbs
Using Overload potions into potion flasks no longer give Super Defence (1) pots
Super antifire pots can now be added to flasks
Weekend events now announce at the Edgeville GE NPC



Reply & let us know what you think of the existing fixes coming & what you would like to see personally in this next update.

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