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  1. Support but also don't think it should just be donor and support decanting being fixed
  2. Ninja joined the server as quick as he vanished ...
  3. I'm confused so if someone else tries to bet you while already in a bet both those currently betting loose the items from the bet?
  4. twitch


    I do but depends what you're after? I can see if I can find torrent
  5. Number 6- where do I find boos?
  6. twitch

    Staff Feedback

    Owner Lation - ok I guess Matt - is he even alive anymore? XD Developer Luke - got a beard Splash - is the best Administrators Kari - dunno only seen him break stuffs or cry Global Moderators Kemi - helpful, friendly and active Server Moderator Jordan - don't know Callum - don't know Ultsonofares - don't know Forum Moderators Enzyme - active and friendly good laugh Support Masoud - is the best a bit of a beggar and a noob but he's tolerable ;)
  7. How did kao end up with 3.8k kills? O.o

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