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fm das

Ely King of The Skill Competiton | $300+ in LOOTATIONS up for grabs!

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Welcome to the Ely King of The Skill Competition!


*This is the announcement of the Competition, the starting date is below :)*

You will be able to take part in a competition where the most efficient and knowledgeable skillers will come out on top! This is not about how much time you can spend playing Ely, but how good you are at playing it! 

This event is made for everyone who enjoys the act of skilling with a huge competitive aspect. In order to compete in this one, you’ll need to create a new Competition account, which will be a preset Legend Ironman Account. From there, we will be tracking the progress via the Hiscores and will have a similar Hiscores graphic posted on this thread below showcasing the top 3 players. You will have 48 hours of Playtime, 14 FULL days to get as high total level as you can in however fashion you fancy. Once your 48 hours of Playtime is up, you will be kicked from the account and your hiscore will be secured. May the BEST skiller win!


STARTING DATE = 01/10/2022





·  All players competing MUST be the PRESET Competition account.

·  You will only be able to log in to these accounts for a MAXIMUM of 48 hours Playtime, and promptly kicked off once the 48 hours is up.

·  Only one account can compete, no one can play multiple accounts at once (Will check IP/MAC addresses to ensure fair play).

·  No use of bugs or any exploits of any kind

·  Have FUN!








Thank you so much for reading, and I really hope to see these hiscores BOOMING with players FIGHTING for the top ranks. I appreciate everyone of you for potentially competing in this completion as well as sticking around for it. It means the world to me when I see people enjoy the content that we create and release for you guys. BEST OF LUCK TO YOU ALL!!


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On 1/4/2022 at 7:14 PM, Boats said:

@Jordan @Will this is what a real event manager does. 


I look forward to the event! Thanks gamer

You're already banned from competing in this event, ggs my friend

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This is sick, great job @fm das - and thanks to @Matt for coding in a huge addition to event abilities - "Competitive" modes with time limits! Fair warning: all accounts after 48 hours playtime has been achieved will no longer be accessible. We're really excited for this one and bringing it in with some huge loots up for grabs.

Thread looks great broski.

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