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Patch Notes XXII

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Just a few changes we've made today..


You can NOW Imbue Rings @ Mobilising Armies!


Ring Imbueing is now fully functional & costs:


50,000 Dungeoneering Tokens

& 5M GP


Super Mystery Boxes: UPDATED


Added Crystal Key

Added Frozen Key (Nex Access Key)

Added Spirit Shield

Added Blessed Spirit Shield

Added Holy Elixir

Added Bandos Godsword, Chestplate & Tassets

Added Armadyl Godsword, Chestplate & Skirt

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yay we can imbue rings now!! (albeit at a super low cost) and rip worth of doing both gwd and corp


>Spend $500

>SMBs get buffed


Not everyone is a Donor + the fact that it's a gamble every box with another 100+ items, haha


Lul @marz - grats on taking the #1 spot SO FAR for this Month, GL on getting the rewards!

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