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Patch Notes LXXX (#80) Bug Fixes & Override Update

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Bug Fixes


Double catching fishing feature fixed
Ferret pet not following fixed
Zulrah pet model fixed
Added a portal between inner and outer ring at the abyss
Suitcase is now prperly equipable
Dom staff now provides unlimited elemental runes as intended
Colored slayer helms now have proper requirements
Right clicking while in the wildy/running has been fixed
T2 ring of suffering now properly has recoil affect
Combat flask now works
Pathing issues with range resolved
Promethium gear values in dung corrected
T2 guardian gear stats fixed
Gown added to minions drop table


Override Update

I am currently in the process of diving back into all our past overrides we've created that did not add a disassembly option to and re-adding that option. With this update I've completed a sizable list of items that now have the disassemble option available, see below:

Cerberus set
Nomadic set
Tz-Tol set
Solstice set
Kirsen sentinel set
Reaper set
Zarosian set
Sirenic set
Staff of eternal frost
Serenic godbow
Blazing longsword

On top of this, I will be slowly adding the ability to imbue your overrides with the T2 variants of items as well. To begin this, I decided to just go with the latest items as they are the most prominent at the moment, but below is a list of overrides you can add T2 items too:

Masterwork set (now accepts T2 Torva)
Dragonslayer battleaxe (now accepts T2 Primal longsword)
Etherborne staff (now accepts T2 Hellfire staff)
Windrunner bow (now accepts T2 Recurve bow)
Tz-Tol set (now accepts T2 Torva)
Guardian set (now can use Void dye on T2 Guardian)

I will be working on expanding these lists often with updates as they are made available, as well as continuing the expansion of items available for upgrade on the chest. It's quite time consuming although easy, so it'll just take some time to get to all the overrides & getting up to date, but I will get there shortly.

Hope you enjoy!

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