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V-Update Series | II & The Grand Exchange

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Just posting a thread concerning our new addition to the Grand Exchange & our

on YouTube!

In this video is the announcement of the resignation of our beloved Administrator, admin.jpgJake. He will be missed dearly & I hope to see him in that position again; in the mean time thank you for all you've done for Ely, Jake!

Also you will see a bit of this Grand Exchange update looked into.



Our Developer Matt has put in some awesome work to expand our Grand Exchange to the website! You will now see the page "Grand Exchange" added to the Navigation Bar above.

With this addition, you may now search for any item that is currently listed as a sell or buy offer on the G/E without being logged into the game,

or while logged into the game during other tasks you may be on without having to tele home!




- On the far-left side you will see whether it is a Buy or Sell offer.

- Then the image & name of the item itself.

- Followed by the quantity, price & when it was listed respectively.


When you click on an item you will be able to see past & current sale price trends such as:




I really like this addition to the affect that it will have for new players; newcomers are always curious about the economy of a particular server & like to know the current prices.

With this addition they may now utilize this Grand Exchange page to search for an item & look up it's past & current price trends!


Post your thoughts and feedback on the video & this new addition please!

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RIP Jake hope he comes back soon such a good guy.


Awesome update with the GE Tracker. (RIP Pricewatcher rank)

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Rip Jake you will be missed :((((


Also did someone say merch time?? I think someone said merch time >:)

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