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5 billion Exp. Comp. Cape

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hello, ewan here, so as i grind for 5 billion exp. im suggesting there should be some kind of cape/reward for the grind, should have 3 different types of capes

:5b Legend mode cape

:5b Default mode cape

:5b easy mode cape

it will make more people grind for that cape, and i enjoyed my time skilling here at Ely, and now the Well of Goodwill is now 50% cheaper we can all help each other to reach that 5 billion exp. goal. 

thanks for reading, Ewanakira.png.a68dd9f2513d0f4522946e966fa48471.png.9ac6f88d46515229820cfe4d4f77a159.png

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this is an interesting idea. If you choose to skill you should enjoy it. Personally I feel for some, grinding for 5b xp is more of a personal achievement to test their limits. Giving people an incentive to fulfil 5b xp and get rewarded at the end is a bad idea. This just brings out whining about how bad skilling was to train; but hey, I GOT THE 5B CAPE! look at me attitude.


no support


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To kemi and nelly, that's a weird way to look at it.

I personally wouldn't even look at a cape as an incentive to grind for 5b, more of a trophy at the end of the journey.

I see absolutely no reason not to implement this, as I highly doubt anyone is going to get 5b xp just for a cosmetic cape (assuming it will have 0 benefits)


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