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Patch Notes LV (#55) Vorkath

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Introducing the long awaited, Vorkath. Ely's most accurate 1:1 OSRS bossing experience.

From OSRS Wiki:


Vorkath uses a variety of attacks, primarily ranged and magical attacks, as well as melee if standing next to him. Similar to the King Black Dragon, he can also use three types of dragonfire: regular, venomous, and prayer-disabling kind. His dragonfire is stronger than other dragons' and requires more tiers of protection to block. The final common attack is a fireball he launches high in the air that must be dodged or it will deal substantial damage.

Vorkath is also considered a Blue Dragon for Slayer tasks

Vorkath is also a safe death. However HCIM's will lose their status if they die here.

With the introduction of Vorkath comes a few new items, new Slayer Helmet & new means to Prayer XP. 

NEW - Turquoise Slayer Helmet

This new Slayer Helmet can be made by using Vorkath's head on a Slayer Helmet:

NEW - Dragonfire Ward

This new alternative to a Dragonfire Shield has boosted Ranged attack bonuses.
This new shield can be crafted by using the new Skeletal Visage on an Anti-dragon shield.
Upon doing so you are awarded 100,000 Smithing XP (on default - x50).

NEW - Dragonbone Necklace

Cannot forget about the new, lovely, Vorki

Nor can you forget about those Collection Log hunters..

Last but not least, Superior Dragon Bones are now available.
Below is a breakdown of the base XP you can expect from this bones (thanks to @Goddess)


Home Altar - 225k
Poh Altar - 337k
DZ Altar - 900k

Home Altar - 45k
Poh Altar - 67.5k
DZ Altar - 180k

Home Altar - 9k
Poh Altar - 13.5k
DZ Altar - 36k

The addition of Vorkath into Ely is our continued efforts to improve on our vast PvM selection and continuing our expansion of OSRS content into Ely. We are very pleased with the outcome of this project & are glad to finally bring this to the community at large. Looking forward to hear feedback!


Miscellaneous Bug Fixes

Cannon will now go to Diango if you are UIM and DC/let it die
Presets no longer reset quick prayers
Nomad can no longer be frozen
Nomad's loot registration now works properly
Dominion Tower rewards go to inventory and bank & if you are UIM it goes to Diango
Grey & Red chin's now shoot projectile
God items now work to stop Godwar's monster aggressiveness
Other misc. fixes  & adjustments made to certain items
Misc. combat code cleaning for better efficiency and effectiveness 


With all that said..

I would like to thank @Charlie for all his hard work & dedication on putting this all together for Ely.
Let him know what you think in the comments and show him some love.

Also big thanks to everyone who helped test this along the way, @Goddess, @Boats, @nelly & @Jordan
All your guy's help means a lot and really helped in refining this process.



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This has been a long time coming and is a very much appreciated update!

I would like to thank @Charlie for working so hard on this, and the everyone involved within the process to get this update rolled out.

Very good looking patch notes too, alongside this!

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