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  1. Great ideas Funk! Love your player-based events already as it keeps the community engaged when folks are sort of idling about. I like the concept of the Well of Hostility, but I'm sort of in the same boat as Goddess. I feel like since there's already the Well of Goodwill, it may defeat the purpose of said well. However, I feel like if the concept is worked on more, it may be a good implementation, if doable. I guess we would have to think about how much xp is given, the amount of money that the Well of Hostility will contribute to the Well of Goodwill, etc. I guess for me, would it A) enable players to want to participate (if there's a lack of participation, doesn't seem like it would be good to implement it) and B) would it contribute anything to the server and its players (if so, how).
  2. I support all, except the construction. Same reasoning as Nelly.
  3. Hey everyone! I joined a little less than a week ago and the server and people have been amazing and super helpful! Love the content so far! I've been stuck at home working virtually, so I've had some time to kill and this server has just been great. A little about myself. I live in the states (as in the United States), please don't ask about the COVID situation here, it's been kind of depressing Started Runescape in 07, and was on and off both private and actual server until 2010ish when I fully stopped playing (started again a year ago and have been on and off) Favorite color is purple I have a sweet tooth My current job is an advisor for high school/college students My Social Security Number is ... Just kidding, hope to see ya'll in game!

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