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  1. We could make all primals like this. This seems the best idea for me
  2. Are those primals from dungeoneering the same as normal but can degrade and needs to be recharged? If so i dont see the point of adding it. Seems like a good idea for iron man only since they can 't obtain primals atm. Maby instead of keeping primals trade able and add these you could also make all primals untrable feels like this could only work if all primals ingame get these update, and all act like chaotics do atm
  3. +1 for me. Yes its barely traded, but its bis crossbow at nex. They should be rare. They used to be 2-3b. Masoud try get one from qbd yourself.
  4. How about added costum item scroll to the donator store? 1500 ep?(only 1 buy ea player) and make the corruption aura from harbinger usefull, 40%or 50% less kc needed to pass the Magical barrier.(5 kc/6kc to enter) Add zulrah to slayer master boss task.(gives zulrah more love) Lower the droprate for zulrah items.(never see this happen but would be cool) Make Trident 1 tick faster and lower the damage alittle. Storm of armadyl must still be bis. Lower zulrah Magic defence on range/melee phase to 100 Magic defence instead of +300.
  5. winning number 406! nelly won with 6 off! gratzz nelly you won 1 Primal longsword!!
  6. hello dear ely players. im currently killing demonic gorrilas for a while now and decided to make an event. geus wich kc i get my zeny shard drop on! the closest player wins a primal longsword! kc at the moment: 319. droprate for a zeny shard 1:814 (playing on legend mode 5% more drop rate) goodluck to everyone that joins the event
  7. dungeoneering gives a bone crusher? or am i dumb? ":P

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