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  1. Name: Chaotic jr Rules Broken (if any): RWT Time Punished: longer than 6 months ago Punishment Length & Type: PERM :( Staff Member who issued the punishment: Lation/Splash(splash was the one that said goodbye) Redeem yourself, explain the entirety of the situation:at the moment of the ban il was burned out of ely rsps and was playing alot of osrs, so i came with the great solution, il tryd to rwt my items,(very dumb if youl ask me), why was this so dumb?, because everytime you burned out of ely rsps and take a break youl keep returning anyways, even if the rwt sucseded i still would have missed ely Why should you be Unmuted/Banned?: i think everyone should deserve a second and final chance, ofcource with a hard eye looking on my behavior), but that is not up to me, il hope il get a new chance Pictures/Videos:
  2. I would support this. But in the original game they made this boss like this for a reason. It suppost to be a boss where you have to spend lots of supply on and lose money b4 you make money from a good drop.( they did the same with the nightmare boss on osrs) its not suppost to be a constant money maker. Now is this a rsps and I would love to see a change on ely. This would also make nex more active
  3. for example: players who farm black chins in osrs also come with food and gear to protect their chins?
  4. This is all part of the wilderness tickets are worth 2-3m ea... its not like they are 10k ea.
  5. name: chaotic jr i have a suggestion that some of you will like and some of you wont. i did attack a player at wilderness agility. and he used his agility tickets b4 i killed him.(under attack) i think it should not be posseable to claim exp from the agility tickets while being attackt. its part of the wildernes(risking) on osrs(yhh this is not osrs) you also can't drop your chins while being attackt(normaly they would dissapear if you dropt them, ''so the pkr won't get any loot'' yes i know this suggestion might not going to pass because of the hate from pvmrs and skillers. but i think it should work this way.
  6. Support, any chance for double dung points aswell?
  7. If you want it to be even harder to get, sure why not? @Jordanhowlong does it get for a avg player to get 1 million points? Do i think the grind is worth it of you get 1 random primal for 50-100hours of the same boring dungeoneering as it is today? Hell no to me, but hey thats just my opinion. i dont think primals are a way better upgrade than chaotics. Primals do more damage il agree. But chaotics are more accurate.
  8. I like the idea, but maby lower the points for a roll. 5-10k laps is a bit to much.(we all know some people's rng*chaotic jr* haha. 500k points for a roll seems nicer. And maby lower the rate of getting a primal aswell. I like the idea of getting a primal with a gamble option. Just like barbarian assault minigame game. There have been a lot of suggestions for dungeoneering. The only thing is: I don't think this would make the dungeoneering less boring. I would love to see a change to that aswel. Like some other suggested more and stronger bosses at 99 dungeoneerimg. Where you have to use 3 styles of combat.(this have been suggested by another player) Would be cool to see these bosses at the large floor option(after 99 dung). And see those bosses drop a 1:5000 for all the primal weapons/gear. This way it get less boring and youl be able to grind some primals on a very low rate. #letsmakedungeoneeringgreat I love to see what other think we should do with dungeoneeeing
  9. @jacktheripyou won the 1b giveaway, 1207 kc was the magic number
  10. the only way to buy a costum item at the moment is by donation 100$. why not give more player the option to get thier own costum? and make it posseble to buy a costum scroll from donator store for ep? or maby trade in a 100$ scroll straight to lation/splash not everyone can spend 100$ irl dollars.

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