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  1. Yeah legend is a grind. 10% bonus drop chance would be excellent
  2. nice too bad chest doesnt drop dragon picks or hatchets
  3. RIP pvp armors :( was good while it lasted
  4. Fayrg bones from ge op, great tables man
  5. nice work, still new item styles ewww :P
  6. Bonus xp weekends are awesome - full support
  7. Slay

    Daily Challenges

    This or like weekly and monthly challenges too that require something to work toward
  8. Maybe let regular players prestige, and keep legend as is. Maybe not cut xp gain in half per prestige but maybe like 25% reduction per level
  9. Yeah some sort of a nicer incentive to play legends would be great for the game. the grind is real on only 10x xp and should be rewarded so
  10. Slay

    Ely Wiki

    A neat idea, but if forums get dated, then surely a wiki would suffer the same fate. We just need some folks to contribute and focus on keeping things relevant.
  11. Should be cosmetic only for any donations as Ironman.
  12. Hello There! Have you ever received a brine rat slayer task and said to yourself, "How on earth do I get there?" If so, then I have a step by step guide to show how to get there with ease Step #1 Make sure to have a spade in your inventory! You can get one from the general store just south of home tele bank Step #2 Gear up with your preferred attack style and head to Snowy knights butterflies by typing: ::tele snowy Now follow the red line towards the blue dot on the map shown Step #3 Dig just one spot south of the windswept tree in this exact spot Welcome to the Brine Rat cave! Enjoy the 7 wonderful rats down here and have a glorious time Make sure to try and pass your knowledge onto new players or reference this thread by typing ;;thread 711 Thanks for reading!
  13. Slay

    532 Crystal Key Loot

    Dang nice log, will be interesting to see the changes to crystal chest rewards and if it will be over or under the current gp average :o
  14. Slay

    Cannon Updates

    Being able to load the cannon to full while there are still some balls in there would be a nice addition.
  15. Give em a decent alch value at least, but tradable would be nice too
  16. Pretty sure this is a dungeoneering reward effect, i have yet to get a seed back from it though.
  17. Slay

    home sets

    Sounds decent, shouldn't be too bad considering the vast amount of teleports already available.
  18. Fair suggestions, damage caps are always no fun
  19. A solid suggestion, support~!
  20. Slay

    Double XP Well

    Items for a choice of either bonus xp or a bonus drop rate. Maybe like bonus 25% xp or 5% drop rate

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