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  1. Congrats guys! Im sure you all will do a great job. Well deserved. Nice to see friendly and helpful members of the community be recognized.
  2. Ingame Username: Kim2 Description of bug: upon telling the Steel Titan familiar to attack an enemy with a large hitbox, the Steel Titan will be stuck walking back and forth forever between these two positions. Althought this bug is not exclusive to the King Black Dragon. Screenshots, if possible: Thank you.
  3. Username: Kim2 Suggestion: Dropped items and items on the ground should have an option to show their names upon the ground Why: Although I enjoy Ely a great deal in the short time I’ve been here, I’m quite frustrated with the fact that their is no option to have names over items. Although loot share is an option, I noticed that while cannoning monsters, the chat box fills too quickly to see what has dropped. And while the loot rainbow is helpful, unless you are already staring at the drop you can not tell where it is, you only get a message. And when the drop is 1 million coins amongst a swarm of blue dragon corpses, it can be agonizing to right click each pile, especially since my eyesight is not so good. Also I hope stacked items could be represented by (10x) as avoid a screen of words Thank you!
  4. Kim2

    Torva for Graetorian

    I have a torva set and I am looking to trade it for a graetorian set. If anyone is interested in this deal, please leave me message :).

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