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  1. Why the change back? Not that I mind, the old area is mucho nostalgic
  2. You can't fool me that fiery phat was just a regular red phat
  3. I can't wait to kill Bork all the way until December!
  4. Kalphite King would have to be reworked, as would most other RS3 bosses. But I'd like to see them, if not the gear they drop.
  5. Ideally, a rework that improves drop tables without just introducing a massive amount of gold would be great. I.E, no gigantic stacks of rune armor. But then again, with the general store it's sort of impossible to introduce such a rework without furthering inflation of the economy. I would propose 'tiered' drop tables. Low level monsters drop low level skill materials, mid leveled drops mid level, etc. Low level bosses could drop larger amounts of mid level resources, with other bosses dropping larg (But not too large) of high level resources, with highest level bosses dropping the best materials, in lower but consistent amounts. Examples of low, med, and high resources Seeds: L: Potato, Marigold seeds M: Irit seeds, Willow seeds H: Torstol, Yew seeds Bars: L: Iron M: Mithril H: Adamant
  6. I think having a Deposit option at lower Donos would be fair. Opposed to being able to bank. As far as SOF goes, I like it but SOF needs a rework in general. Having spins for all ranks increasing based on rank could be paired in with a SOF update. But I'm just spitballing, not like I can do anything about it lol
  7. FRICK FORMAT They should be notable
  8. Need more item on Loot Beam too. Lamps, Totem pieces for starters.
  9. Ingame Username: Ram Rez A Description of bug: 1.)I put in 5 Smouldering Stones into GE. Upon confirming the offer, Stones appear as Corpsethorn logs (Daemonheim material.) 2.) At some point, unnoting or noting Smouldering Stones turn into Dwarven Keys https://runescape.fandom.com/wiki/Dwarven_key 3.) Smouldering Stones cannot be found in GE, but can be sold. Screenshots, if possible: Happened too fast. Only had the 5 stones. Detailed Explaination: Man Smouldering Stones are a Smouldering wreck n sheeeeeit
  10. Username (ingame): Maaaaaaarz Suggestion (short description): 1.) Make Looting bags persist through death. 2.) Allow for rearranging of items to be done outside of Wilderness Why (explain what this will benefit, and how): 1.) In OSRS the system encourages the use of looting bags through item storage options like Zulrah, as well as a 60 minute timer on items lost on death. So it's harder to manage items as an UIM in Ely. 2.) Progression happens to quickly to justify having to interrupt gameplay to rearrange inventory space. Again, it's much easier to manage in OSRS Details (a more thorough explanation of the above): 1.) Have the looting bag continue to drop contents, but persist after death. Looting bag will continue to be lost on death. This helps with inventory management, as you don't have to keep juggling items constantly to prevent them from being lost, or stolen. It helps maintain the flow of the game, without making UIM too easy. 2.) Allowing to take items in and out of the bags freely will assist in the flow of the game as well. However, adding this option will clearly be incredibly overpowered, making for an additional 28 pieces of food or potions on top of the already existing 30< from BoBs. I propose having a restriction of only noted items being able to be in the looting bag, or non combat items.
  11. Raise the limit, but release them in smaller batches throughout the month. This allows for people to get a 2nd pay period in (or mow some lawns idk) and gives late starters a chance to get a bunch before CERTAIN PEOPLE NOT NAMING NAMES buy them all out in the first couple days.
  12. I believe it does need a rework. Maybe have everything moved above ground, so you just have to kill each of the bosses and then head underground to the chest rather then run into each crypt.
  13. I'm not too enthusiastic over a crazy amount of kills for most bosses. Maybe we could just have a check for each of their unique drops? Save for bosses like Nex, as that'd be a bit too crazy. edit: I'm more in favor of a goal to achieve opposed to a mindless grind.
  14. Ingame Username: Notmarz Description of bug: Based on how your combat is calculated, you cannot equip dominion tower gloves. Detailed Explaination: I had a 99 Range 99 Defence range account with 120 combat. Due to how Runescape calculates combat, I was determined as a 'range' account, and I believe there's a check in place for the gloves that only detects melee combat stats, or something to that effect. Upon getting my Attack and Strength up to a high enough level I was able to equip the gloves. Previously I was receiving an error of 'Your combat level must be 110'
  15. Ingame Username: Marzera Description of bug: Items in grave appear to everyone when grave is manually destroyed If grave is left to decay naturally, items don't appear and Diango eventually collects them.
  16. I'd be fine if 104m in each skill, maybe 200m for dung?. Legends (and each kind of Ironman,) could have their own special version of the cape with the same exp requirements. With that said I'd like to suggest an increase to dung exp rates. Or at the very least, an increase in tokens.
  17. Xlogging does something to the item reclamation, I had 5 snakeskin boots, 5 rune crossbows, and 5 charged glories, lost the glories for my experiments. Was skulled in every case, to ensure I lost everything Tried on both normal and Ironman accounts, both time all items lost on death were returned after the grave timer expired, and the 1 minute buffer expired. Only time I lost items, after 5 experiments, was after I had died after x-logging.
  18. I'd be fine with an increase to DG tokens for Legends, as overall you receive tokens much slower overall compared to Normal. Slayer Points can be left alone, unless if we get additional stuff to buy with them. Skilling Points, maybe lower the required amount of exp in order to receive them and scale the points received down appropriately. 250k - 500k exp for 250-500 points would be fine. PVM points, I think are fine where they are. - If a rework for shops for Ironmen and Legends was implemented, or throughout all modes in general, I'll reevaluate, but aside from Dung I think the shop currencies are more or less fine where they are.
  19. Username (ingame): Marz, Zram, Rez, um.. Suggestion (short description): Removal of cutscenes in Dominion Tower. Have the next round (Endurance) start immediately in batches of 5, 10, 20 rounds (toggle,) and allow for Spells to be kept in between rounds. Why (explain what this will benefit, and how): As of right now, the cutscenes in Dominion Tower take longer than several of the encounters, and can add hours of grinding based on your RNG. Details (a more thorough explanation of the above): Getting Dominion Tower Gloves is a huuuuge grind, and unless if you get lucky and get what you want in your first 2 completions you'll be stuck doing this for days to complete your PVM set. Spells currently are deselected after each round. Getting rid of the cutscenes that play at the beginning and end of each round will cut down on the length of time required, while retaining the achievement. Adding a way to expedite between each encounter will lead to a more casual approach to going through the Tower, via afking, but will also further allow those with more experience and better gear to optomise their kits to complete waves as fast as possible without needing to suicide to regear.
  20. Ingame Username: Marzera Description of bug: Battle Royal insignias are lost on death Screenshots, if possible: Detailed Explaination: Battle Royal insignias are lost on death reeeeeeeeeeeee
  21. Ingame Username: Marzera / Ult Btw Btw Description of bug: Eating Purple Sweets takes the whole stack, healing appropriately. Screenshots, if possible: Detailed Explaination:
  22. Ingame Username: Marzera Description of bug: Getting stuck inside the exit platform Screenshots, if possible: Detailed Explanation: When defeating the Queen Black Dragon, activating the final artifact and running into the middle before the exit platform is raised can sometimes force you to be stuck inside of the platform, unable to move or exit and forcing you to teleport out. I've done it twice, on accident, Also ANTIFIRE PROTECTION IS STILL BROKEN REEEEEE
  23. Username (ingame): Marzera Suggestion (short description): Private Slayer Dungeon where players can have a Multi-Zone, Cannonable alternative for their slayer tasks. Why (explain what this will benefit, and how): The idea is to have a bunch of unlocks for Slayer, as once the Cannon is bought, Slayer Points don't serve much purpose. Details (a more thorough explanation of the above): I'm thinking a multi-tier system of unlocks. The base Dungeon unlock is the largest, at 1000 (Subject to change,) while the ability to use a Cannon, Multizone, extra damage on task, and chance to save runes and arrows all cost marginally less. The Dungeon itself could be a clone of the KBD lair, or any sort of large, enclosed area. Players can select spawn rates, or spawn numbers, and whether they are aggressive or neutral. Ideally the selected tasks will not include Boss tasks. Anything with a special unique drop can be excluded, or have the drop removed from their tables. This could also lead to new monsters or tasks, Dungeoneering monsters, food and potions. Also include some Dungeoneering bosses to come in as a special bonus monster, with Gorgonite and other Tier 80 gear to be included as rare drop (as to not devalue Nex armors or Primal) including some raw materials for skilling, with numbers scaled to something balanced for Ironmen. Once a task is finished, the spawns stop. Due to the short tasks maybe have all drops stick around for the duration, or have a loot chest that collects everything. The chest could also have a fee to pay in order to collect, 10% of the wealth of everything taken directly from your coin pouch. I know this is pretty ambitious, but Slayer is a super popular skill, and it could be a huge selling point to a lot of players.
  24. Ingame Username: Marzera Description of bug: Leaving Dungeoneering Party / Closing Party screen causes the Boss room to glitch out. Still able to complete the floor. Obstructions like Boxes in Gluttonous Behemoth's room are still there. All textures fail to load, floor location is also lower than it's supposed to. Screenshots, if possible: Detailed Explaination: I pressed the X button in the Dungeoneering Party Details tab before entering the Boss room.

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