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  1. Username: Marzera Suggestion: Implement both Anguish (Range) and Torment (Mage) Level 95 prayers. Why (explain what this will benefit, and how):Ancient Curses is kinda lopsided in favor of Melee. Details (a more thorough explanation of the above): The only real option on the Curses book is to activate Leech Range/Mage and Leech Defense. With the utility of Soulsplit, it's not really worth switching to the Normal book for the Level 70 prayers. Username (ingame): Suggestion (short description): Why (explain what this will benefit, and how): Details (a more thorough explanation of the ab
  2. 1. Where did you find Ely? What site if you can remember? Youtube, a RS Youtuber made a video on RSPS, and I scrolled through the comment section. Ely was the first one I saw. 2. What made Ely stand out to you & why? I think we ALL know why I stayed. My one true love Super Mystery Boxes 3. What features do you love the most in Ely or don't & why? SUPER MYSTERY BOXES But really, the large amount of Teleport options. Being able to access almost any area with a quick command makes it easier to enjoy the game with my playstyle. And finally.. 4. What would you like to

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