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Found 1 result

  1. Username (ingame): Freaxx99 Suggestion (short description): Add to donor rewards, add spin x command to SOF, new SOF interface Why (explain what this will benefit, and how): This will benefit the server by adding more incentives to donating as well as making SOF faster/better Details (a more thorough explanation of the above): I believe that starting SOF spin rewards at $25 would be better for gaining more donations. Start at 1 spin per day for $25, adding 1 spin per $25 donated. SOF is pretty crap so getting 12 spins per day at $2500 doesnt seem worth it. Also a spin x command would make SOF quicker. A newer SOF interface would be nice as well but I know how much work that is. Also ::bank at $500 seems a bit much, $100 is a bit better since not everyone can afford to donate $500(like myself though I would love to).

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