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Patch Notes XXV | Fishing Outfit & MORE!

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A lot of changes are being made behind-the-scenes in Ely, therefore making what appears as a lack of updates recently. This is not the case; as a matter of fact there is a lot more going on than previously ever was.

This is for the better of Ely, it's players & Staff. Most notably, the progress made on developing OSRS content and bringing it to a 718 properly. All thanks to Matt. We are prepping for an increase in traffic and player's for the upcoming Spring & Summer of 2019.

Which we are shooting to beat our previous records of 50 players online! Thanks to everyone who has stuck around and helped continue in the development of Ely and keeping us afloat! I appreciate each & every one of you.

Without further ado, here are the latest changes:


INTRODUCING: The Fishing Outfit!


With this Fishing outfit, you receive a 1% boost on every piece worn, for a total of 4%. With all 4 pieces, you receive a set bonus of another 1% for a total of 5% boost in Fishing XP when worn.

This Outfit has been added to the Skilling Shop at 12K Skilling Point per piece.




You now have a chance to "roll" for a Jad Pet instead of receiving another Cape!




Colored Whip(s) now tradable!


Frozen Key in Super Mystery Boxes has been corrected.


Female models for Graetoriax armor & all others are now corrected.


WildyWyrm bug dealing 0 damage to players has been fixed.


Removed Soul Gazers from Slayer task.


Added Corporal Beast, Queen Black Dragon, Graetoriax the Unbroken & Glacors to Boss Slayer tasks!


Kalphite Queen, Glacors & Chaos Elemental now all give PVM Points!


All Graetorian pieces now sell and buy in Grand Exchange (including the defender)!


A new ::YouTube command has been added to easily access Ely's Offical YouTube channel!


Clan Wars has been added to Minigame Teleport options.


Battle Royale insignia icons are now kept upon death.


Patron Donors can now repair their broken items.


AI Bots have been temporarily removed.


A teleport has been added to Snowy Knights (::tele ice stryke / ::tele snowy knights)!


Cannon's can no longer be dropped at Duel Areana & Clan Wars.


Bonfire HP Boosts no longer remain when entering a Duel.


Aura's can no longer be activated once inside a Duel.


Gem Bag's will now fill with all gems at once; opposed to one-at-a-time!


Lootshare will now properly announce drops to the correct player.


Corporal Beast kill count now corrected for Completionist's Cape (50).


Only 50 Graetoriax the Unbroken kills are now required for Completionist's Cape.


A reminder has been added to popup after you're 12 hours between votes has expired.


Zaryte Bow, Sagatarrian, Crystal & Dominion Bow's are all corrected.


Pheonix Pouch now requires the correct amount of Crimson Charms.




Some notable things to be paying attention too and know we haven't overlooked. Farming at the moment is a bit buggy (sorry, Nick) and requires nearly a complete re-write to function properly on 718.

This is going to take more time than previously assumed and we appreciate your patience. As well as Farming is Construction. To complete things such as the Costume Room are going to take a lot more work than simple additions but has not been overlooked.

Name changes as well are something to look forward too in the not-too-distant future.

Edited by Kari

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Weird Flex but ok




Thank you for the work you continue to provide to us.


what is with this new weird flex but ok MEME lmao i see this shit everywhere now last place i expected it was on my update post hahahahah, had me loling irl ngl


And of course, but 99% Matt

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This update is sick, thanks for the mention ;) Didn't realize the farming bug required so much work to fix

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This update is sick, thanks for the mention ;) Didn't realize the farming bug required so much work to fix


Had to see if you were fully reading it ;) haha na but yeah sadly not a simple fix will require a lot of focus & time to fix the overall skill.

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