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Patch Notes LXXIII (#73) Bug Fixes & Status Update

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Back to Development - Bug Fixes & Status Update


Over the past month or two we've mostly been working on things behind the scenes that typically do not warrant an update post because its kind of stuff no one really cares about and/or even sees. We've spent a lot of time silently working on fixing bugs with the client, working on packets and other related things. Between that, Matt also headed out for a trip for a couple weeks and was unable to work during that time. However, he is back & we are back in the swing of development and we whipped up a list of bug fixes for you all to get started!

  • Bugs Related to Selling OSRS items in GE fixed
  • Make over mage/character design torsos with preset arms/hands fixed
  • Spam clicking last item in bank no longer withdraws first item from next tab
  • Ring of fire gives proper 5% bonus
  • Gargoyles no longer aggressive
  • Fishing quick reaction bug fixed
  • Lunar spell book now warns wilderness tele for ice plateau
  • Purple slayer helm female model fixed
  • Hellhounds removed from and fire giants added to medium tasks
  • Hand cannon no longer disappears when it explodes. (player will still take damage)
  • Can now pickup cannon with 4 free slots if you already have cannonballs in your inventory
  • Party hat and specs model fixed on female characters

Outside of this, we've finally reached a point where our client is more stable than it has ever been in the past. This has been a constant struggle & battle and one at which we will continue to improve over time, however we are glad to see progress made on this front.

Our plans going forward at this moment are to continue getting caught up on every bug report. Upon completion of those, we will be focusing attention to forgotten skills such as Farming & Construction in preparation to pave the way for new content coming your way later this year.

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