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Suggestion: Black Partyhat used to be a wildywyrm exclusive item and now there are multiple ways to obtain it and not one has been obtained through it's original source. Can we change the black phat on ww drop table to a Wildy Partyhat that mimics the Wyrms image or something and KEEP IT EXCLUSIVE TO JUST THE WYRM.

Also the drop rates of all the PvP items/armors on WW are pretty weird, I feel like they should all be the same drop rate if not similar. IE, VLS has like a droprate of 487, the actual Vesta armour is 366, while morrigans is 133. And Zuriels is not even on the drop table at all. The way it's drop table is right now is almost comparable to Blink which is supposed to be good for ironman. Imo I think wildywyrm's drops should be more focused around making some kind of GP and not so much towards the skilling side since we have an abundance of bosses that already do this already.

Also always getting burnt bones and grimy guam for killing a boss that is in the wilderness and is on a time basis seems lack luster and kinda troll. If burnt bones gave some kind of decent XP, perhaps somewhere close to Void bones/Superiors since you can't really farm it like you can the others. Or possibly change it so some other bones, just would be nice seeing as with achivements people are going to be killing it alot and would be interesting what kind of action goes down :^).

                New Wild Owner 😄

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Got this model made up and replaced the existing black phat drop with this new item. The model can change in the future if the general consensus is it's disliked, but this item will stay on the table as an exclusive drop.


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