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Im suggesting buffing a lot of the drop tables for a lot of the slayer task creatures (doesnt have to be slayer intented but its a good route that most players take)

I've currently started playing iron man properly for the first time really, and i cant help but notice the lack of drops that are really benificial for any accounts early/mid/even late game. They just seems to lack a lot of the needed items to really progress an account nicely. 

I suggest going over the drops tables entirely and really making it a nicer experience giving some lower levels creatures drops like :

  • Noted logs (10)
  • sapphires (10)                         
  • arrowshafts (100)
  • bronze bars (5)


Mid level:

  • Mithril bars (10)
  • Emeralds (10)
  • yew logs (10)   


High level:

  • Ruby (10)
  • Adamant bars (10)
  • Diamond (10)
  • magic logs (10)
  • (Some actual useful herbs)


I think it would make progressing a lot more smother and make people actually want to max their accounts and build them up, thoughts on this?

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I personally love this idea. Given that Slayer is a big part of the game, ironman accounts could benefit greatly from the additional loot drops to work towards increasing their supplies for the more difficult grinds.

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