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I'm going to attempt to put together a guide to display all sorts of different gear and gear set-ups. The main intention of this guide is simply to provide suggestions and ideas. It is assumed the player will have the knowledge to gain levels/train skills accordingly to obtain the gear. The guide will also assume a majority of gear is obtained through gameplay and not via the EP store*. (*some exceptions to this)

This thread will be a HUGE on-going work in progress.

Best In Slot - End-game Gear


Torva & Graetorian Armour Sets




Torva BIS
Black H'ween Mask / Serpentine Helm
Completionist Cape
Amulet of Torture
Torva Platebody
Torva Platelegs
Primal Rapier
Graetorian Defender
Goliath Gloves
Primordial Boots
Treasonous Ring




Graetorian BIS
Black H'ween Mask / Serpentine Helm
Completionist Cape
Amulet of Torture
Graetorian Platebody
Graetorian Striders
Primal Rapier
Graetorian Defender
Goliath Gloves
Primordial Boots
Treasonous Ring




Pernix & Guardian Armour Sets




Pernix BIS
Pernix Cowl
Completionist Cape
Amulet of Anguish
Pernix Body
Pernix Chaps
Graetios Recurve Bow / Toxic Blowpipe
Swift Gloves
Pegasian Boots
Archers Ring (i)




Guardian BIS
Guardian Mask
Completionist Cape
Amulet of Anguish
Guardian Tunic
Guardian Chaps
Graetios Recurve Bow / Toxic Blowpipe
Swift Gloves
Pegasian Boots
Archers Ring (i)




Virtus & Celestial Armour Sets




Magic BIS
Celestial Hood
Completionist Cape
Arcane Stream Necklace
Trickster Robe Top / Virtus Robe Top
Celestial Robe Bottom
Staff of Hellfire
General Grisis' Tome
Tormented Bracelet
Eternal Boots
Seers Ring (i)




Some of the items listed below could be swapped into these various gear setups dependant on different scenarios and availability.

  • 15773.png Primal Battleaxe
  • 33V06vu.gif Primal Longsword
  • clvhl8A.gif Primal 2H Sword
  • ZoLDadU.gifZaryte Bow
  • 24338.pngRoyal Cbow
  • 22348.pngDominion Crossbow
  • 122003.pngDragonfire Ward
  • 22366.pngSpellcaster Gloves
  • 5w9XyCn.pngArmadyl Battlestaff
  • 21547.png21558.png21537.png Blink Armours
  • 18349.png18355.png18357.png Chaotic Weaponry
  • CcBtCA3.gifzxkFfHV.gife0H2Fq8.gif3lduv4f.gif Spirit Shields
  • QjVxOXr.gif wIiqTVs.gifi1poBYh.gifSaradomin Amulets
  • ejA14As.pngTyrannical Ring
  • 15017.png Onyx Ring (i)

Ironman Based Setups


Now the Iron Rework has gone live, we have a revitalised and fresh game mode. Majority of gear must now be obtained through gameplay rather than the ability to be bought from shops. I will attempt to share some setups which could be beneficial for Ironman accounts. I will focus these setups around 'Main' accounts which are assumed to be achieving 99 in combat skills.



Proselyte & Disciple Armour
Proselyte is obtainable immediately from the Melee store at home and is a very useful set of gear to start the game out with.

Disciple is obtained by using Void Essence on the individual pieces of Proselyte - The essence has to be gathered from Tormented Hatchlings but is definitely something worth grinding at the start as the Defence & Prayer bonus on this armour is insane.




Proselyte Starting Setup
Melee is easy to begin with, stick with Proselyte as the Prayer bonus will be vital to early game combat. This is assuming the player will train to 60 attack, I will not go through the gear below 60 as it should be easy enough to figure that out.

Neitz Helm is dropped by yaks (::tele yaks).
Obsidian Cape can be purchased from the Melee Store at home.
Glory & Rock Climbing Boots are included in the starter kit.
Barrows Gloves can be purchased from the Melee Store at home.
Dragon Scimitar can be purchased from Daga at Ape Atoll.

With a bit of training, the second image in this spoiler can be easily achieved.

Rune Boots from Nechryaels (80 Slayer).
Rune Kiteshield from Fire Giants (::tele niev).

Further training allows the third image in this spoiler to be achievable.

Dragon Boots from Spiritual Mages or Nechryaels.
Dragon Defender from Warriors Guild activity.





Disciple Setups
A fire cape is useful to aim towards, a couple of range setups shown a little further down can go into the sort of gear required to obtain one of those.

Abyssal Whip (85 Slayer) OR Chaotic Rapier are both easily obtainable using the above proselyte setups.

You will notice an Amulet of Fury and an Onyx Ring (i) - Both of these can be obtained by spending 520k Tokkul on two onyx at the Tzhaar Shop (::tele fight). Killing Jad on saturdays can double the Tokkul received from completed the Fight Caves. Again this assumes the player can have a decent range setup from the gear suggestions further below in the range section.

Onyx Ring (i) & Fury are both made with crafting. A gold bar + cut onyx is needed as well as the moulds from a Crafting shop in Al Kharid or Rimmington. The ring is automatically imbued when created at a furnace.

This gear setup would be a pretty good start for doing Bandos as the prayer bonus is very beneficial and defence is quite generous.




Upgraded Setup

Fighter Torso is now in the PVM shop (::shops) for 85k PVM points - These can be obtained easily via KBD, Jad or Skotizo.
Verac's Skirt was my choice due to it's Prayer Bonus, however any other MELEE barrows legs could also be used. This setup can also be used for Bandos, leading to that next upgrade.




Bandos Gear

Using the gear shown in the above 2 spoilers, the below could be achieved quite easily.






So for range, to start out with it's going to be the very basics. I will show the gear setup that is available for starting out and then the progression of gear as time goes on.

Starting Out
The starter gear is as shown below, this is good enough to begin Range training at a place such as Rock Crabs.

Archer Helm can be bought from Skulgrimen (Rellekka Helmet Shop - 40 defence required)
Avas Devices can be bought from the Range Store.
Barrows Gloves from Melee store - These are used in place of Vambraces as the bonuses are a lot better.

Personally I recommend using knives to train range as they are good all around and reasonably fast.





Dragonhide - Green & Blue
Green Dragonhide is easily obtained at early game - Basilisk/Waterfiend for Body & Pyrefiend for Chaps
Maple/Yew Shortbow can be made via Fletching

Next upgrade after Green would be Blue Dragonhide - Turoth for Body & Jellies for Chaps
Magic Shortbow can be dropped by Gargoyles or Bloodvelds as well as fletched.

I would recommend doing Hard Clues as and when obtained, as they can reward with God Dragonhides - These Require level 70 Range and have prayer bonus that beats Black Dragonhide.

Ninja Implings in Puro-puro can drop Snakeskin boots and Medium Clues can reward Ranger Boots.

By this point you can do the Fight Caves to beat Jad and claim a Fire Cape.






Upgraded Gear - Black D'hide / Karils
Black D'hide body can be obtained from Abyssal Demons but unfortunately the chaps will need to be made via 82 Crafting.
Chaotic Crossbow & Eagle-eye Kiteshield are both from Dungeoneering and excellent purchases for an Iron account.

Optional to use Zamorak Book instead of Eagle-eye, the pages will need to be obtained from Clue Scrolls.

Opting to stick with the Fury and Onyx Ring (i) as these are both hybrid and easy to obtain. (As mentioned within melee setup)

Karil's should be worked towards as soon as possible, as it will ease the jump to Armadyl gear.





Armadyl Gear
You may notice the change of amulet in the second image, this is the Saradomin Murmur. It can be obtained by Killing Commander Zilyana & her minions - which is easily done with a simple ranged setup such as Karils.







Starting out with Magic will utilise the items in the starter kit to begin with. It's expected that to obtain some of the gear shown below, the player will use the above Melee & Range setups to assist. 

Starting Out
Air Staff will need to be purchased from Zaff at ::tele varrock (Water staff is given in starter kit, but air is more preferable)
Mage Arena Cape can be obtained from ::tele mage - jump in the whirlpool and worship any of the 3 god statues.



Mystic Upgrade
There are three different colours of Mystic that can be obtained via gameplay, I've gone with one colour option to keep it simple.

Mystic Robe Top can be obtained from killing Bloodvelds.
Mystic Robe Bottom can be obtained from Jellies.
Mystic Boots can be obtained from Infernal Mages.

Barrows Gloves were mentioned in the Melee setups as being bought from the Melee Store for 1M GP.
Farseer Helmet can be purchased from Skulgrimen (Helmet Shop in Rellekka)

Mages Wand & Mages Book can both be purchased from the Magic store at home for 13M GP in total.




Infinity Upgrade
Infinity set can be obtained from Infernal Mages in the Slayer Tower.
I would recommend Barrows Gloves over Infinity Gloves as they offer a better Magic bonus.
Onyx Ring (i) can be obtained by using a Cut Onyx, Gold Bar and Ring Mould on a furnace. This will require 67 Crafting and an Uncut Onyx can be obtained from a shop at ::tele fight for 260K Tokkul.

Second image has a slight upgrade in gear:
Chaotic Staff, Farseer Kiteshield & Arcane Stream Necklace can all be obtained via Dungeoneering. A combination of Melee & Range from above will be needed to do this skill.

Third image is just displaying that a Farseer Helmet can be used in place of an Infinity Hat.





Subjugation & Ganodermic
Next upgrade up from Infinity would be the jump to Subjugation (Obtained from killing Kril & his minions)
Optional extra included is Ganodermic - Obtained after 95 Slayer from Ganodermic Beasts. (7k Gano Flakes & Mycelium Armour pieces)

Polypore Staff is an additional extra - also obtained from Ganodermic Beasts. (Poly Stick & Spores)







Welfare Setups


The intention of this section is to highlight different gear setups that may not cost as much GP to put together. These are only suggestions to give the player ideas of possible setups they could aim for to still have an enjoyable playing experience.

Graetorian & Torva can both be expensive armour sets to the average player so I have kept this simple with Bandos & Void.

The main upgrade for Melee should be weaponry, which is why the Primal Rapier has been included as it's a nice weapon to obtain. With the introduction of the Ironman Rework, forlorn primal weaponry was added to the game at a 1/1K drop rate from the DG Boss. It's untradeable but it has exactly the same stats as the tradeable version.

First & Second Images
These two are essentially the same setup with a few items upgraded for the second image. Most notably the gloves, necklace and boot slots as these are cheap, affordable upgrades for most players and can vastly assist with DPS/Defence within combat.

Please refer to the Price Guide for up-to-date prices - ::pg in-game

Third & Fourth Images
The most notable change for these images are the use of a Primal Weapon. (Rapier pictured)
Fourth image portrays a Void Melee setup, utilising the Elite Void top & bottom which will cost 300K PvM points from the PvM shop (::shops)






Guardian & Pernix can be quite expensive for the average player to obtain, so I've opted to portray Karil's, Armadyl & Void.

The great thing about Range is the Chaotic Crossbow. This is a brilliant weapon and can be considered one of the best for any Range based setup, it's just about combining with the correct bolts. (Ruby (e) for High HP Mobs & Diamond/Dragon(e) for anything else)

Karils Setup
I've decided to include Karil's as it's a nice gear set to use while upgrading slowly. 
Chaotic Crossbow & Eagle-eye Kiteshield are easily obtainable from Dungeoneering. This makes them excellent choices to begin with.

If sticking with Karils it can make it easier to purchase Glaiven's & Saradomin Murmur without having to focus on the Armadyl gear set.





Armadyl & Void
The one piece of gear missing from these images is the Swift Gloves from Dominion Tower, they are a much better alternative to the Barrows gloves and should be obtained where possible.

Armadyl is going to be reasonably priced if purchasing from players. (Please refer to the Price Guide - ::pg in-game)
Sticking with Karil's would be an optional alternative so that the Elysian Spirit Shield or Zaryte Bow could be purchased. 

For the void setups, it is optional to use a Zaryte Bow or Chaotic Crossbow - it all depends on what each player can afford and the path that they choose to take.






When it comes to welfare for Magic, it's a little more bland in terms of cheap choices. We have Ahrim's, Subjugation & Void for the purpose of this guide. I decided to leave Infinity out however the full set can be obtained from Infernal Mages. As an optional alternative, Spellcaster gloves are obtainable from Dominion Tower, they provide a better bonus than Barrows gloves do when it comes to training magic.

Ahrim's can provide some pretty decent bonuses for a 'cheap' setup. Before obtaining a Chaotic Staff from Dungeoneering, the Master Wand & Mage Book combo is an effective option. Both of these can be purchased from the mage shop at home. Utilising the Arcane Stream, Chaotic Staff & Farseer Kiteshield is effective as they can all be bought with tokens obtained via Dung.






Subjugation & Void
Full Subjugation is by far one of the best cheap options for Magic - the boots are near identical the Ragefire boots which negates a large expense instantly. This armour set can be obtained quite easily from Kril (::tele zam) as the drop rate is quite generous.

Void is optional and of course, free to obtain via gameplay. This makes it an ideal setup for those who may not be able to afford Virtus or Celestial gear. 





Dharok's Setups


I've put together 3 simple Dharok setups, that are revolved around PvM and utilising the 1hp DH Bombing method. Dharok's gear can be obtained via the Barrows minigame - On saturdays the reward chest can be doubled resulting in better chances of looting the gear. 

Dwarven rock cake can be purchased from Gerrant at home in the General Store. There is a hot cake and cold cake - The hot one deals 10 damage per bite and the cold on is 50 damage per bite. This is the perfect method for getting HP as low as possible.


Cheap & Easily Obtainable Setup
Regular Players
Amulet of Fury, Barrows Gloves, Berserker Ring & Dragon Boots can all be obtained from ::train (Training points shop)
The ring in this setup is a Berserker Ring (i) - It can be imbued at ::tele mob for 50k dung tokens and 5M gp.
Tokhaar-Bone cape can be obtained from the Obsidian Gear shop at ::tele fight for 1M Tokkul. (Killing Jad on saturdays is double tokkul)

An onyx can be obtained from the gem shop at ::tele fight, barrows gloves from the melee shop at home and a berserker ring from Dagannoth Kings.
Dragon Boots can be obtained from Nechryaels or Spiritual Mages.

Tokhaar-Bone cape can be obtained from the Obsidian Gear shop at ::tele fight for 1M Tokkul. (Killing Jad on saturdays is double tokkul)



Slightly Upgraded Setup
For the purpose of this image, I used the Tokhaar-Kal cape (Fight Kiln), however the Tokhaar-Bone cape has exactly the same stats and can be used as a substitute. The gear used for this setup can be obtained exactly the same way for Regular players and Ironmen alike.

Saradomin Whisper - Obtained via killing Commander Zilyana & her minions at ::tele sara.
Steadfast Boots - Obtained via killing Glacors at ::tele glacor.
Barrows gloves can be substituted for Goliath gloves from Dominion tower.
Berserker Ring (i) could be substituted for a Treasonous Ring (Venenatis) or Onyx Ring (i).



BIS Setup
The absolute best in slot gear for utilising DH Bombing is shown here.

Completionist Cape - type ::comp and review the list.
Amulet of Torture from killing Demonic Gorillas for a Zenyte Shard.
Goliath Gloves from Dominion Tower.
Primordial Boots from killing Cerberus for a Primordial Crystal, use this crystal on Steadfast Boots.
Treasonous Ring from killing Venenatis. (Wilderness Boss)




Amulet Slot - What should I wear?


Compared with the Ring Slot segment below, there is a broader range of Amulets/Necklaces for the player to choose from. I will stick to the basic format of Melee, Ranged & Magic then cover the Amulets which can be used for all 3 styles.

Melee Focused Amulets
Amulet of Strength - This can be purchased from the Melee Store at home or alternatively made with level 50 Crafting. Materials needed: Cut Ruby, Gold Bar, Amulet Mould and Ball of Wool. This amulet offers +10 to Strength and is perfect for starting out at the beginning.
Saradomin Whisper - This can be obtained as a drop from Commander Zilyana or her Minions at ::tele sara. The benefits to using this amulet is the additional ATK bonuses and the +1 prayer bonus. This offers a very balanced approach to any melee setup.
Amulet of Torture - This can be obtained by using a Zenyte Shard (drop from demonic gorillas) on a Cut Onyx gem, which will return a Cut Zenyte Gem. Once the player clicks 'craft' on the Cut Zenyte Gem, a crafting menu will pop-up in the chatbox to select any of the 4 pieces of Zenyte jewellery. Offering a whopping +25 in ATK bonuses as well as Strength makes this Amulet the absolute BIS option for any Melee setup.





Range Focused Amulets
Amulet of Ranging - This can be obtained as a drop from Aquanites, which can be found at the end of ::tele frem. A very cheap and effective option however the murmur below is just as easily obtained and offers a greater ranged ATK bonus.
Saradomin Murmur - This can be obtained as a drop from Commander Zilyana or her Minions at ::tele sara. For the average player, this is absolutely the best choice of Ranged amulet and should be highly considered.
Necklace of Anguish - This can be obtained by using a Zenyte Shard (drop from demonic gorillas) on a Cut Onyx gem, which will return a Cut Zenyte Gem. Once the player clicks 'craft' on the Cut Zenyte Gem, a crafting menu will pop-up in the chatbox to select any of the 4 pieces of Zenyte jewellery. Hands down this is the BIS amulet for any Range based combat with it's +25 bonus to Ranged ATK.





Magic Focused Amulets
Amulet of Magic - Similar to how the Amulet of Strength works for Melee, this offers a +10 bonus to Magic ATK. Making this an excellent choice for starting out, however it does need to be created from scratch via Crafting. Required level is 24 and Materials needed: Cut Sapphire, Gold Bar, Amulet Mould and Ball of Wool.
Saradomin Hiss - This can be obtained via killing Commander Zilyana or her Minions at ::tele sara. It offers a Magic ATK bonus of +16 but a Magic Damage % of +12 which is lower than the necklace below. Although negligible the +1 prayer bonus could be beneficial overall.
Arcane Stream Necklace - This can be obtained via the Dungeoneering Shop at a cost of 30K dung tokens. Without a doubt this should be considered as the BIS amulet to wear as the Magic Damage % stat is more important than the Magic ATK bonus.





Hybrid Amulets
Amulet of Power - This amulet requires a Crafting level of 70 to create. Materials needed: Cut Diamond, Gold Bar, Amulet Mould and Ball of Wool. This offers +6 bonuses across the board making it a simple but effective amulet for early game. However the downside is that by the time the player can craft it themselves, the chances are they already have a better amulet.
Amulet of Glory - This amulet is by far the most common for new players, as it's obtained upon creating a new account as well as being in the general store. The stats are great for early gameplay and should be okay through mid-game levelling too. The teleports it offers do function correctly. A Crafting level of 80 is required to make from scratch. Materials needed: Cut Dragonstone, Gold Bar, Amulet Mould and Ball of Wool.
Amulet of Fury - For regular players this can be obtained from ::train at the training shop for 500 training points. Ironmen will be best completing the fight caves on repeat until they gather 260K tokkul to buy an uncut onyx. The stats this amulet offers are beyond okay for all endgame situations, no matter the combat scenario or style.
Pendant of Graetoria - This can be obtained as a drop from Graetoriax the Unbroken at ::tele grae. It is a better alternative to the Fury and works for all 3 combat styles quite amicably. Think of this as just a fury on steroids.
Amulet of the Damned - This is usually obtainable from the Summer Shop which is an EP store addition during the Summer months. This has better overall ATK & DEF bonuses than the Grae Pendant, but it's downfall is the Strength Bonus being only +10. Still a great option nonetheless.







Special & Miscellaneous Amulets
Amulet of Defence - I included this for consistency but it's certainly not by any means a very good amulet choice. A Crafting level of 31 is required. Materials needed: Cut Emerald, Gold Bar, Amulet Mould and Ball of Wool.
Berserker Necklace - This can be obtained from the Melee store at home, but don't let the stats fool you. The idea behind this necklace is that Obsidian weaponry gains additional damage while worn.
Demon horn Necklace - This can be obtained from the Dungeoneering shop for 35K Dung tokens. While worn in conjunction with the use of a Bonecrusher, it will restore prayer points for every bone buried.






Ring Slot - What should I wear?


We have a whole range of different Rings that are available to the player. They all offer different stats and it can be a tad confusing for newer players when it comes to knowing which Rings will benefit them the most. The Dagannoth Rings mentioned below can be imbued at ::tele mob - NPC is just south from the teleport spawn, right click the enchant option. This will cost 5M GP and 50K Dung Tokens.

Melee Focused Rings
Warrior Ring & Warrior Ring (i) - Both can be obtained as a drop from Dagannoth Rex. This is certainly the least desired of the Melee specific rings as the only bonus it offers is a slash ATK/DEF bonus of +4 or +8 when imbued respectively.
Berserker Ring & Berserker Ring (i) - Both can be obtained as a drop from Dagannoth Rex. Non-ironmen accounts can also get the Regular version from ::train shop for 1,750 training points. Strength bonus is the main thing to point out here, when imbued it offers +8 which makes it a very good affordable option.
Treasonous Ring - This can obtained as a drop from Venenatis (Wilderness - ::tele vene). It is highly considered to be the BIS Melee focused ring as it offers a whopping +10 Strength bonus, as well as the +6 in all ATK based bonuses which also includes Magic/Ranged. However most players will only use this ring when using Melee as there is better alternatives for Magic/Ranged.







Range Focused Rings
Archers Ring & Archers Ring (i) - Both can be obtained as a drop from Dagannoth Supreme. The imbued version is highly considered to be the BIS ring for Ranged as it offers the +8 on ATK bonus.




Magic Focused Rings
Seers Ring & Seers Ring (i) - Both can be obtained as a drop from Dagannoth Prime. The imbued version is highly considered to be the BIS ring for Magic as it offers a +8 Magic ATK bonus.




Hybrid Rings
Tyrannical Ring - This is usually introduced into the game via the Summer Shop which runs alongside our regular EP store in the Summer months. Aside from that, trading players is the only current way to obtain this ring. As it stands, it offers a good set of bonuses for the hybridding setup favouring all 3 styles of combat.
Onyx Ring (i) - This can be obtained once the player has achieved level 67 Crafting. Materials required: Gold Bar, Cut Onyx and Ring Mould. Simply use the gold bar on the furnace and the jewellery crafting interface will pop-up, select the Onyx Ring and it will automatically make an imbued version. Due to this, it makes this ring one of the best options for all players alike.  
Ring of Suffering - This can be obtained by using a Zenyte Shard (drop from demonic gorillas) on a Cut Onyx gem, which will return a Cut Zenyte Gem. Once the player clicks 'craft' on the Cut Zenyte Gem, a crafting menu will pop-up in the chatbox to select any of the 4 pieces of Zenyte jewellery. This ring would mainly be used for it's defensive bonuses, but it does offer a nice +8 STR bonus for times when defence is just as important as DPS.





Special Rings
Ring of Vigour This can be obtained from the Dungeoneering Shop for 50K dung tokens. While worn, the cost of any weapon special attack the player performs will be reduced by 5% - in some cases, this allows more specials to be used per 100%. This ring should only be used as a switch, as it only offers a +3 bonus to Strength.




Cape Slot - What should I wear?


A common question I've seen is 'What cape should I wear for X?' or 'Is Max Cape better than Tokhaar-Kal?'. I am hoping this little segment can put some of that to rest.

Starter Capes
Upon creating a new character, the player is issued a starter pack. Within this pack is a Cape of Legends, portrayed below. 
Melee store at home sells an Obsidian Cape which is an upgrade over the Cape of Legends. (Applies to both Regular & Ironmen players)




Level 99 and 200M skillcapes have identical stats, leaning heavily on the defence.
These can be purchased with the relevant requirements met from ::tele cita or ::tele skill - Then talking to the skillcape vendors.




Magic Based Capes
God Capes from Medium Clue scrolls offer a measly +1 on Magic Attack, so it's not ideal and the alternative below is much better.
Mage Arena god capes on the other hand offer a +10 bonus to Magic Attack - making it by far the best cape for magic attack until Completionist Cape is obtained.




Range Based Capes (If you want to call them capes)
All Ava's devices have a Ranged Attack bonus which gets better with each upgrade. 
Attactor, Accumulator & Alerter are all obtainable immediately from the Range Shop at home when starting out.
Assembler is obtained via using Vorkath's Head on an Alerter.






Hybrid Capes
I have classed all the capes shown below as Hybrid, meaning they could be used for all 3 styles of the combat triangle.

Fire Cape - ::tele fight and kill Jad in the Fight Caves.
Tokhaar-Bone & Tokhaar-Kal are identical in stats - Bone is purchased from ::tele fight obsidian shop for 1M tokkul & Kal is obtained via the fight kiln minigame.
Max Cape & Completionist Cape are considered two of the BIS capes for the bonuses they offer across the board. Both of these also act as an Avas device.









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Thanks for this, @Goddess!

This is definitely helpful, and I totally get how the BIS gear depends on what you're fighting.

I know on the RS and OSRS wikis, they brrak it down my specific bonus. So like "BIS Crush Defence". That'd be pretty detailed, but also could be helpful for any late-game people.

I think something else that could be helpful is having a tiered breakdown for different things, since a lot of ironmen will need to get the lower tier armor first to even attempt getting the higher tiered armor. So something like Torva -> Bandos -> Torso/Dragon. That might take you a lot longer, but I think many people would benefit from it including myself. It'd help plan out my gear grinds. 😄

Thanks again!

Just wanted to add in here, I don't think my suggestions mean it all has to go in one guide. Maybe this one could be expanded to show BIS for different situations, but another Guide could be a tiered approach. Just whatever you think.

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UPDATES: Added a couple of Welfare Setups, Dharok's Setups & Cape Slot suggestions.

Please feel free to suggest any ideas of how this guide can be expanded or different gear setups you'd like to see. 

(I can't really do any PKing setups as I do not know anything about PKing)


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UPDATES: Added two new sections which cover the variety of Amulets & Rings we have available on Ely.

Please feel free to suggest any ideas of how this guide can be expanded as well as any amendments or further additions I could add to the already existing content.

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