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  1. I know this doesn't make sense from a lore perspective, but it would be cool if we could break down individual extra pieces of Mycelium webs to get Ganodermic flakes. Maybe 1/2 or 1/4 of what it takes to craft the individual pieces? Just a thought.
  2. Currently, there's no reason to use god (blessed) d'hide over normal black d'hide. In OSRS, they added a +1 prayer bonus to each piece to make them better. If this same (or even higher?) bonus could be added to each of the pieces, that would be awesome. There are a lot of ironmen who are getting blessed d'hide pieces from clues, but there's not as much excitement when we get them since they aren't any better than what we might already have.
  3. Thanks for this, @Goddess! This is definitely helpful, and I totally get how the BIS gear depends on what you're fighting. I know on the RS and OSRS wikis, they brrak it down my specific bonus. So like "BIS Crush Defence". That'd be pretty detailed, but also could be helpful for any late-game people. I think something else that could be helpful is having a tiered breakdown for different things, since a lot of ironmen will need to get the lower tier armor first to even attempt getting the higher tiered armor. So something like Torva -> Bandos -> Torso/Dragon. That might tak
  4. Maybe it's just my bad manual dexterity, but about 1/4 of the time when I go to craft something, be it cutting gems or fletching bows, I completely miss the giant button that would let me do the exact thing. When I do this, I click on the black background behind it, but it clicks through that area and makes me run to the area where I clicked. It's a simple quality of life change that could help out everyone if they're trying to be rapid with their movements and can't seem to lock in on that giant button.
  5. I've had this bug happen to me at least three times, and the last time was while fighting Cerberus, so I died and lost a lot of shit on my iron. Basically what happens is sometimes when attacking and switching between tabs with an f-key, all user input will be disabled, and you're forced to sit there and watch yourself either 1.) die because you can't switch prayers, eat, or move or 2.) kill the thing and die when it spawns back in. This is an ultimately game-breaking bug and needs to be fixed immediately. After it happens, you have to restart the client in order for it to work again, a
  6. Here are some general things I found buggy with the bank: If you spam click to withdraw the last item (or the series of last items) in a tab, it'll end up withdrawing the first item in the next tab as well. The bank doesn't save your organization method. I use insert and need to switch it to insert every time. When moving an item from one tab to another, it'll always use the swap method regardless of organization method selected. One additional suggestion I have would be to add an option to automatically use placeholders or not and remove the placeholder-per-item met

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