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Elys Elite

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Welcome to Elys Elite!

Myself, Kemi, Sono and callum decided to make a whole new clan with a great new way to gain ranks and some rewards from doing so. This clan is for people that want to make some sweet achievements and to go above and beyond!

We have a lot of plans for this clan to make people go for goals and to obtain some nice rewards from it, we also have plans to make an account especially for the clan so that the most trusted/devoted members can use and share items with a small donation that funds giveaways etc for the clan (Who doesn't love a giveaway?!)

 Anyone can join so why not! Just ask one of the moderators+ and you'll get invited 😄 Make sure to post in the Request a Rank section with proof to obtain the ranks and we will sort it out!

- Ranks - 



Elys not so Elite - Not maxed.

Easy Maxed - Requires Maxed + 1B XP (Recruit)

Normal Maxed - Requires Maxed + 500M Total XP (Corporal)

Legend Maxed - Requires Maxed (Sergeant)

Comped - Be Comped Nerd (Lieutenant)

5B Ranks - Get Grinding (Lieutenant)

Bandos Master - Have 1K Bandos Kill Count (Captain)

Zammy Master - Have 1K Zamorak Kill Count (Captain)

Sara Master - Have 1K Saradomin Kill Count (Captain)

Arma Master - Have 1K Armadyl Kill Count (Captain)

Godwars Master - Have 1k Kill Count at all gwds bosses (Captain)

Dragon Master - Have 1K Grae/QBD/KBD Total Kill Count (Captain)

Superior Master - Have all 1k kill Counts Completed (General)

Trusted - The Most Loyal and Devoted Members

More coming soon!



- Rewards From Ranks - 



Zammy Master - 100M Reward

Sara Master - 100M Reward

Bandos Master - 100M

Reward Arma Master - 100M

Reward Dragon Master - 100M Reward

Godwars Master - 500M Reward

Superior Master 1B Reward


- Rules - 

We're quite lenient on the rules however some are in place to make things run smoothly!

1) No racial slurs

2)No spam unless in the spam channel (Still dont be an ass with it)

3) Be respectful of everyone in the clan


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You refused to mention that I am a mod because of my sexual prefference.

Still, leggo boys!

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2 minutes ago, Kari said:

Good shit! Can I delete maxed clan now

Hell yes

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6 hours ago, Boats said:

Can I join?

If you wanna join then ask one of Us Ingame or on discord and we'll send you invite link.

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