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  1. https://gyazo.com/762201a78026f6f225645428187c3063 Those are Dragon Bolts (unf) I know there's others but I literally never took a pic until today.
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    So are you for #1 for not? Unclear
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    I talked with and proposed a new donor zone to Lation a few days ago. (I put it into a notepad and send it to him.) He said he wanted to look at upgrading the donorzone we already have before moving onto a second. This is just a disclaimer before I go into the format. I will list each suggestion in here with a number, please put the number that you agree with in your comments to make things easier please. Username (ingame):Zordly Suggestion (short description): Upgrading the current donorzone. Why (explain what this will benefit, and how): Donors will get a bigger "bang for their b
  4. Owner Lation - Follow through takes time, but not always gotten, but priority is always met. DZ/epoints should have a look into, we've talked some about it before, but a more serious look would be appreciated. Great owner overall, actually takes time when new players come in to answer questions when he's on. Developer Matt - Great coder, never actually talked to him, would be great to actually talk and see him in game/discord. Administrator Global Moderator Nick - Great overall, I can't really give too much feedback as I haven't really interacted with him too much outside of d
  5. Oh thank you! I didn't see there was a format.
  6. Ingame Username: Zordly Description of bug: Small box hedges show as thorny hedges in poh Screenshots, if possible: Detailed Explaination: When planting a "small box hedge" it shows up as a throny hedge in the house.

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