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    So are you for #1 for not? Unclear
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    I talked with and proposed a new donor zone to Lation a few days ago. (I put it into a notepad and send it to him.) He said he wanted to look at upgrading the donorzone we already have before moving onto a second. This is just a disclaimer before I go into the format. I will list each suggestion in here with a number, please put the number that you agree with in your comments to make things easier please. Username (ingame):Zordly Suggestion (short description): Upgrading the current donorzone. Why (explain what this will benefit, and how): Donors will get a bigger "bang for their buck" if you will. A lot of people talk about not being able to use the unlockables, well they need to be unlocked. Details (a more thorough explanation of the above): 1: Warlocks, mineral mining, rocktail, loom crafting, chinchompa hunting, 2x xp altar are removed from being unlocked. These should be perks you get from donating. 2: Keep the runespan, custom yell tag, and title as unlockables. Runespan should remain unlockable as it's a tiered system. 3: Adding in higher tier implings. Have them drop an item per jar, or sell on ge for gp. 4a: Moving donorzone to a larger location. Might not be as beautiful but a larger area would allow for easier grouping, and spreading, of things in the donorzone. 4b: Add in some donor only npcs(see 4c), and/or wild only npcs (ie chaos ele) to allow donors to do clues easier, with less risk involved. A larger area would allow this more applicable. 4c: Donor only NPCs. Killable NPCs that would drop cosmetic items, lower tiered clue scroll items (not 3rd age), xp lamps, donor only pets? Just something to mess around with and maybe make a poll if it becomes a thing. 5: Add lava strykewyms (not wilywyrm) as a slayer task and have them be a donor only task. (Ice strykes can be added here as well.) 6: If people aren't comfortable with NPCs being in the donorzone maybe a donor only accessed area that allows for these NPCs to be there, that are a quick tele or a quick portal hop away. 7: Add a poh next to a bank to allow for quick building access for construction peeps. (not a brilliant suggestion but a suggestion nonetheless.) 8: An agility net that you can climb for xp. 5k per climb, 15 climbs you get 1 agility ticket. That's all I got right now. Hopefully you guys enjoy the thread, give some constructive feedback and views please. Thanks guys.
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    Staff Feedback

    Owner Lation - Follow through takes time, but not always gotten, but priority is always met. DZ/epoints should have a look into, we've talked some about it before, but a more serious look would be appreciated. Great owner overall, actually takes time when new players come in to answer questions when he's on. Developer Matt - Great coder, never actually talked to him, would be great to actually talk and see him in game/discord. Administrator Global Moderator Nick - Great overall, I can't really give too much feedback as I haven't really interacted with him too much outside of disc. Moderator Kari - A very solid pillar, as a past member of every part of staff on many servers I feel Kari would make an excellent admin when the position is filled. Level headed, can have fun, but hunkers down when needed. Jeremy - No idea who this is, always mean to me. In a serious matter it's nice to see Jeremy when he's on, usually helps when asked, great guy to joke around with. Forum Moderator Enzyme - Nicky - To both: New to the forum side, but great at keeping up with the forum flow even if they're not logged in for the day. Support Flip - Hardly ever see him, can't give feedback really. Sin - Great guy overall, helpful, would make a good mod when a position comes up. Thanks for what you all do, it's appreciated by not only myself but others as well.
  4. Oh thank you! I didn't see there was a format.
  5. Ingame Username: Zordly Description of bug: Small box hedges show as thorny hedges in poh Screenshots, if possible: Detailed Explaination: When planting a "small box hedge" it shows up as a throny hedge in the house.

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