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  1. Hey, Maybe add trimmed comp cape to a list of achievements to complete, i have a few suggestions on how to get it. suggestion 1: Lock it behind 5b xp, simple and straight forward to only need this. The grind will be bound to all skills etc. Suggestion 2: Lock it behind a certain amount of achievements in the achievement tab. Maybe even all of them, this also adds a bit of a new grind to the table as the achievements does not give rewards yet. Suggestion 3: Lock it behind 5b xp AND achievements to make the grind even bigger. Suggestion 4: Lock it behind just getting alot of more KC like in the comp req but require it to kill Harb and other hard bosses with like 50-100 kc aswell as double all the kc for regular comp.
  2. I would say only to SOF considering we can get the sof tickets from clues. BUT it must be altered to not give any huge advantage as of now. And i would vote no for Well but there is no opinion. Allthough event rewards should also be altered for ironmen
  3. I tried identifiying and it did not work
  4. Even if you have a bank pin you can log onto the account and withdraw money from pouch and drop. Would be nice to implement so if you havent written in your bank pin you cant withdraw money from pouch.
  5. Ah alright, tried getting there but then thats why. i guess case closed
  6. I got told ingame from Lation to use ::kills instead to se my actual KC. This states that i have 115, but im 100% sure im almost at 200 or even more. I stopped playing for a few months and before then i had over 100, and now when i returned ive done several tasks but yet it states its 115. So this might also be bugged, i have no idea if its just for me or not.
  7. Maybe add some way for ironmen to get pouches for Runecrafting? Either as a reward from skilling points or in the skilling shop at home. Would be nice so we can grind for RC pet easier.
  8. Would be awesome if you could actually modify the Comp cape teleports to be somewhat useful. Maybe have one teleport to Dzone if donator and one teleport home or House. Reason being if you are in wildi you have to teleport with it from 30 to monastary and then teleport home. It would save a few seconds every time and maybe even just be better. If anyone has other suggestions on teleports that could be useful it would be applicable. Maybe the two options i mentioned are terrible. But i feel like it should maybe be adjusted if possible?
  9. So my suggestion is really just to increase the examine value of Trickster, Vanguard and Battle-mage solely because ironmen have a hard time getting them (blink is hard to kill) And right now everything protects over it. Even some dragon items like Dragon Boots is protecting over my Vanguard body. This makes it very risky to use a good piece of gear in a instance.
  10. When i use the tabs where i have alot of stuff in (my loot tab with 121 items) i can not withdraw different stacks efficiently. If i take out 10 loops and want to take 10 teeth it takes a bit of time before i can do so. This only applies if you are not inside the tab but if you are viewing the entire bank and scroll down to the tab. 2021-07-24 11-10-41.mp4
  11. If you got the Donor perk to get the two options from a slayer task and you accidently click off and dont choose anything you get a task but its incompletable. Basicly if you kill something you get no xp and it does not count towards the task. Workaround: Just relog and your task is gone, you can now take a new one.
  12. Looks like KQ pet has two different drops from the KQ and even if i got both only one of them is ticked off in the CL so i will probably never be able to complete it.
  13. Ignore this, i have no idea why it created twice

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