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  1. It seems that this maybe is connected to my bug? i am a regular Ironman and i get teleported into the same Void at dominion tower whenever i face jad or KBD. Its only these two bosses so far. And ive had it every single encounter today.
  2. Bugs where double minigame bonuses do not always apply. Last weekend i did loads of pest control with a few people and somtimes we got 30 pts, sometimes 60 sometimes 120. We never received the same amount as the others nor did we get consistant amount every game. Also today (04-09) it is double dung tokens and i am not getting double points. There is also some other players ingame who said they didnt get it either in the chat. I have no idea why this happens. it worked last weekend on double dung.
  3. My gargoyle turned into a jungle forester and started speed hitting me like crazy. The smash and attack options were not there. jungle forester
  4. Hey, I just had a bug where i got frozen on the far north side of vorkath and the mob never spawned. so i was frozen and died to the fire ball thing. My guess is that the mob spawned outside of vork and couldnt reach me. Couldnt se any dots on the map. I tried to make it happen again but didnt succeed. Probably a very rare bug.
  5. Seems like saradomin legs dont work either.
  6. I just tried to make different results depending on what prayers i used. If i used Piety, Pray from melee, Protect item and rapid heal it drained my prayer by 350 instead of boosting it.
  7. Super prayers is note noteable. Super prayer also restores 0 prayer points when drinking.
  8. I do not know if this is intended or not but in my experience Saradomin arrows do not count as a saradomin item in sara room but Zamorak arrows work in the zammy room. This makes it a lot harder for an ironman to obtain KC/D boots from spiritual mages.
  9. Most forgotten rangers in my dungeons are meleeing you instead of ranging. They walk into melee range and protect from missiles do not negate dmg. Protect from melee does.
  10. There is a bugg on QBD where there is no way to negate more fire dmg then down to 25 with a regular antifire. even if you run super antifire + DFS you get hit 25, tried with Regular anti+ shield. Tried no shield + Super antifire still got hit 25s. I also had another player test and he had same results

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