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  1. I support this. although I believe they have tried name changes and it messes a lot of things up
  2. No. If I send a request to bet 2 people, start a bet with 1 person and the other person decides to click accept on the request while I’m in a bet with the other guy, the current game gets fucked and items vanish.
  3. Why should regular accounts be forced into an instance if an Ironman decides they want to camp at a boss all day? If they get the first hit, we won’t be able to attack.
  4. No support . Be a man and accept the fact you’ll get crashed if you’re a cheap ass and don’t use an instance, it’s not like it’s difficult to make cash, even on an Ironman account. I do believe there’s a few bosses without an instance though, that should be fixed and everyone is happy.
  5. Barbell

    Flower poker

    Me and Chaotic jr gambled 50b each (roughly) I put up 18 max cash and ashley's dildo v his bank, i won and lost the max cash stacks and probably some of his items. Dont mind so much about the items as i am not sure what was there but i know for sure i lost at least 12 or 18 stacks, maybe more if he put some up. I was told by Kari3 this is a known bug (unknown to me until now) Check my logs and refund where possible please.
  6. Are you 100% that the leader wasn’t just doing the most damage? Because it’s not worked each time I’ve tried it, unless I got the kills.
  7. Only the party leaders kills count towards the task amount. It’s not just a visual glitch.
  8. I’d take a selfie but shaved all my hair off and it’s still in the process of growing back. Just before the covid19 bullshit EDIT: Just noticed ninja created the thread yet hasn’t posted a god damn picture. Do it boy
  9. I could not find the apply for staff role section anywhere, so I thought I should post this here. Username: Barbell Time Played: 230 hours Any offences on your account? No Staff position: Moderator Explain why you believe you are suitable to a staff role: Well, where do I start? Everyone loves me, I love everyone, especially Goddess. I am a young, caring and affectionate man. If anybody needs help, I will try my best to assist them, if they’re being chased by P V M through the wilderness I will happily ::teletome (Username) to get them safe, after all, safety is paramount in Ely’s success. #Barbell4Moderator #GiveHimBackHisBlowpipe
  10. Wanted to kms Logged into Ely gambled Want to kms more
  11. I’ve played runescape since I was 8, I’m now 25. Every now and then I get the urge to play an RSPS so I had a look on heavy-r.com and there was a video of Jordan being beaten up so I thought to myself, do I want to beat Jordan up? You’re damn right I do. So here I am, thanks to heavy-r.com. Good to be here with you all.
  12. Unless I'm blind, I could not find 'ZAMBO' clue (easy) you speak to zambo, the wine seller in Karamja

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