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  1. I'd like to put forward a problem that main accounts are able to just walk into a boss room and knock an iron account off the boss and rendering them unable to attack said boss. This leads to the problem of people waiting for the boss to get to say 55% of hp, walking in and just doing the remaining 55% for the loot and the iron can't even keep attacking for the remaining 6% damage needed for the loot. So I have some suggestions to fix this: 1) Make irons have free instances (Or the required amount of coins to skip getting kill count.) instead of reduced, this still leaves the risk of losing items because it's an instance but also avoids the problem all together. 2) Another option would be to remove the restricted attack all together meaning they can either get crashed or crash like a normal account but this too has its drawbacks in that irons can be leeched kills. 3) Make it so mains cannot attack something an iron account is already attacking. -Thanks.

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