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  1. As an aside/edit (too much time had passed since posting) "You attempt to pick the [NPC]'s pocket..." is already filtered. "You succesfully pick the [NPC]'s pocket..." is not however in the screenshot I had game set to all instead of filter by mistake
  2. To expand upon a suggestion made in an earlier thread by Kyle (topic 3768), I think removing the text "You attempt to pick the [NPC]'s pocket..." and "You succesfully pick the [NPC]'s pocket..."*** from the game chat when it is set to "Filter" would be a good quality of life update for thieving training. (example below) *** I also think that this could be an opportunity to correct the spelling of "succesfully" to "successfully", can never have too much polish
  3. I think that adding implings besides the Kingly impling would allow for both 1) An alternate hunter training method 2) An alternate source for some supplies (such as seeds from nature implings or bones from dragon implings) For balancing purposes it may be best to either have them spawn in random locations or nerf their drop tables accordingly. Although more dev work, puro puro can also be brought in for this purpose. No matter the method of implementation, I feel that implings will add yet more to the experience here on Ely.
  4. Absolutely fantastic interface and timers, great work.
  5. Ironman mode in normal RS has precedent for this with Ironman only LootShare, and OSRS also allows irons to do group content like ToB and CoX. I don't see why this is any different. Support.
  6. I believe that addressing the following points, while not content additions, would increase overall quality of the server. These mainly address "the little things" or small details that can add to the experience here on Ely. These are just the ones I have encountered myself or seen mentioned in chat. I'd like to know your thoughts. 1. Change slayer task text to regular plural rather than apostrophes (e.g. Banshee's -> Banshees, Rock Crab's -> Rock Crabs) 2. Make various entrances/doors work properly (e.g. Wizard Tower door, Relekka dungeon entrance) 3. Add ability to finish bolts (add feathers to unf. bolts) 4. Add explanation for why actions can't happen (e.g. Level Reqs on thieving stalls, Message for ironmen when trying to use Bot shop) 5. Yaktwee stick displays 2000 as a cost in the shop tile, but costs 4000 points. 6. Add a chat line for when you find the casket, akin to the line for finding another clue. I am happy to help provide coords and object ids for the doors/entrances/stairs in question for point 2. (Assuming they are 718 ids) Thank you for reading.
  7. Got a black H'ween on my Legend HCIM on my 5th key.
  8. From further testing, it seems like this only happens when trying to remove something that was built in that session of build mode. Removing items that were present before entering build mode for that session seem to be removed with no strange effects.
  9. When removing mahogany chairs, sometimes it removes 2 chairs The second chair is different, and sometimes it works normally. Below are 3 clips showing differing behavior. EDIT: here is a clip from another chair spot UPDATE: This is another bug that can happen when removing the seating in a dining room

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