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    How much you paying? (Just common intrest)
  2. Owner Lation - I like the consistent updates that he does and how he announces them at discord and forums. But also overall how he's in game, just a fun guy to have a conversation with! Developer Matt - Just look at the game and you'll see what matt did (an amazing job) especially the part where you can link your accounts, i love it! Administrator Jake - Great guy, helps people out. Some may think he isn't fit for the admin role, but i think he well deserved it! Global Moderator Nick - Let me think.. he's good in what he is doing! Moderator Kari - Cheeeese.... keep doing what your doing! Jeremy - In the past this guy has been a great mod and helped alot, that's all i can say since i don't see him as much anymore! Forum Moderator Enzyme - The guy that loves a grind! Nicky - Funny guy Just keep the forums clean.. i guess... Support Flip - Can be harsh sometimes and that makes him a great fit to the team. Also #HAILFLIPOURSUPREMELEADER Sin - Active guy really helps people out alot, sadly he de-ironed, was great having fellow iron man with good stats :(. Overall a amazing guy. Editing some things later with some better criticism and feedback since i wasn't really paying attention with the mods their doings!
  3. Username (ingame): 991atatime Suggestion (provide all details possible): make costume room work in the construction skill Why (explain what this will benefit, and how): so i can store costumes like my mining set in there Other Notes (if applicable):Username (ingame):
  4. 1. Where did you find Ely? What site if you can remember? I believe i found ely on runelocus but tbh, im not sure! 2. What made Ely stand out to you & why? Honestly i just typed in my google bar '120 capes rsps' and ely stood out the most! 3. What features do you love the most in Ely or don't & why? I love the 200mil capes in ely and also the unlockables! 4. What would you like to see from Ely in the future & why? or I would like too see some improvement for uim, i know there are more defaults and they expect also improvement, but just small things that are mostly already codes like a costume room so i can store my costumes or zulrah banking! I know i chose to be an ultimate iron man, but maybe a increase in droprates since i can't bring alot of stuff to bosses.
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    Elite clue's Wizards' Tower, go behind the tower and click the fairy ring to complete the clue! Go into the sorcerer his tower and search the bookcase! This clue is in Witchhaven pray at the altar to complete the clue! Dig infront of the earth obelisk, it's located in the dungeon of edgeville! Dig infront of the hanging corpse to complete the clue! Click the cellar door to complete the clue! Dig where i stand to complete the clue! Click on prince ali his door to complete the clue! What do you think? Click the nature altar to complete the clue! Click the book on the table to complete the clue! Hard clue's Click the furnace at the ruins to complete the clue! Click the bush infront of the player to complete the clue! Click the ore infront of the player to complete the clue! Medium clue's This clue is located in Varrock, go to iffie and talk to her to complete the clue! This clue is located in Lumbridge, go to the tree and cut it down to complete the clue! Type 'Golden tree' in your search bar when you open the world map, and run towards it, Then talk to the guy on the picture to complete the clue! Will be adding more!
  6. On my road of training runecrafting to 200mil i accumulated alot of points. And i was wondering if you could, like... make an shop? Just the usual stuff that is used in rs3. The wicked set, staff's and the massive pouch, Or something completely different like the esteem system. Would be a great add-on to the skill and more motivational to train runecrafting and or buy acces to runespan. Also the pet "Rue" is a cool thing to be considered adding into the game!
  7. Username (ingame): 991atatime Suggestion (provide all details possible): Things for Ultimate Iron man Why (explain what this will benefit, and how): Better gameplay for futures ultimates! Maybe add in a Uim shop where you can purchase gem boxes, seed boxes or looting bags, so our inventory doesn't fill up as quick, which is really unnecessary and annoying. What would be really convenient is trying to fix the costume room in construction so we can store costume you get from skilling points, crystal chests or voting. And a option to drop our pet there. Smithing is one of the worst skills for uim, since you can only make bars, and that's not that fast. So maybe adding in superheat to make it possible to reach 200mil in the near future? Will add in more suggestions, if i find more that can be helpfull to a better experience of playing an ultimate iron man.. ~ 991atatime

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