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  1. Let me know if you are ever interested.
  2. My apologies if that was not intended but that is how I interpreted it.
  3. Who said I was charging?
  4. Username (ingame): Jobbomb6 Suggestion (short description): Adding Custom Game Sounds Why (explain what this will benefit, and how): Not many RSPS can boast they use custom sounds/bosses Details (a more thorough explanation of the above): I am a sound engineer and I figured that if i implicated some of my abilities into making this server more of its own unique being it could become more popular. Who can say their server has custom bosses (Ex. Grae) and also their own sound library to boost the immersion and market of what they have to offer. Granted it will take time to develop everything but I am willing to work on it. I mentioned this in discord and it was suggested that I post it here. Just a suggestion not a requirement.

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