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    k so just gonna make this straightforward thanks/likes are same thing, maybe even rep power wtf is that. l avatar should be right under name, with userbars under it. if userbars for donator ranks were changed so should the userbars for every other rank, looks weird and unbalanced and gross all the stars, whats with them, what do they even show? finally, the items, lation has yellow partyhats, just worthless, makes profiles look even worst fix it ty
  2. ashley

    Comp Account

    Hello, I'm currently seeking for someone to comp my account, could be trimmed or not. Willing to pay a hefty amount, if interested let me know. Thanks
  3. Message was seen but why was I supposed to reply? Not like it would've made a difference.
  4. Name: ashley/penelope Rules Broken (if any): abuse of a bug Time Punished: 7/15/18 Punishment Length & Type: IPBan, length unkown Staff Member who issued the punishment: Jake? Redeem yourself, explain the entirety of the situation: Right so I was dicing Jonny and I basically had him cleaned.. Or so I thought. When I noticed that he put up in trade 2b spirit shards, which he then proceeded to gamble me with. He ended up cleaning me, but when he did, his stack of 2b shards disappeared, because he got shards which was over the max stack. He then proceeded to teleport home, and he came back, with a fresh stack of 2b shards. At this point I thought, "Oh, everything is just going to be rolled back, so it doesn't really matter what happens anymore." So Jonny told me how to do it, and we just had our fun. Jake for some odd reason said he tried to speak to me or something, and I didn't cooperate, even though I literally have not spoken to him since Friday. I just find it annoying that I wasn't even given a chance to let it up, and instead I was IPbanned. Why should you be Unmuted/Banned?: Most of my explanation is above, but I don't mind having my main items that I started off with compensated, and everything else removed, I just want to play and have some fun. Pictures/Videos:

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