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Found 6 results

  1. ---WORK IN PROGRESS--- Bugs: 1. Items obtained by bosses in collection log that do not complete an achievement in the achievements log. (Could be lots more, only time will tell!) E.G: Armadyl Crossbow: Abyssal Whip Vine: 2. Chicken Bought from the GE turns green when you cook it. Green Chicken: 3. There are 2 different ID code types of Frost Dragon Bones ingame, One works to bury and use on altar. The other dosent! Frost Dragon Bones: 4. When out in the Wildy the other day I stumbled across a bug that nulled the whole server. (Told lation in person). Nulled Server: 5. Fight caves KC dosent work. No KC at Jad: 6. Elite Void Does not register. Elite Void dosent complete Achievement or collection log:
  2. Sarcasmo

    Dung Bug

    Just hopped on after a while to check out the new dung so im gonna report any bugs i may find. So far tho -hatches do not work if they are bound (pickaxes seem fine from what ive seen) -with a full inv picked up green triangle key, said i didnt and the key was still on the floor, came back with empty inv and was able to pick it up again -had 40 katagon arrowheads but they made 47 when i clicked make x10
  3. Whenever i try to start up ely, it just doesn't do it for me anymore... It will say "downloading content", then something along the lines of "Reinstall zarpor hub". I tried restarting my pc, i also tried reinstalling ely from the website and also from the website link from zarporhub. This is a big problem for me because i enjoy playing ely a lot of course...
  4. I recently noticed Sir Tiffy Cashien is really bugged whereas you speak to him he just turns the other way and no chat dialogue appears. Also in the normal game Sir Tiffy Cashien sells Initiate/Proselyte armour which could be added as well. It would be really cool if Sir Tiffy Cashien would be properly coded because Initiate armour looks really nice with the runecrafting cape as well. Ely Client V3.1.2 2020-11-15 15-21-38.mp4
  5. When removing mahogany chairs, sometimes it removes 2 chairs The second chair is different, and sometimes it works normally. Below are 3 clips showing differing behavior. EDIT: here is a clip from another chair spot UPDATE: This is another bug that can happen when removing the seating in a dining room
  6. Hi, As a user that wants to help improve the server; I'll be compiling a list of any and all bugs that I've found. Bug 1: Desc: The Guthix bow should be able to shoot any arrow, however the message "This ammo is not very effective with this weapon" comes up when trying to shoot mithril arrows. Screenshot: https://gyazo.com/f307987e0a69d2b1f0a330c2679ceb56 How to re-create: Equip a Guthix bow and try and shoot Mithril arrows at any attackable NPC. Yours, TheHate

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