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Daily Exclusive Item Changes

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So it sucks eggs when you are waiting for an exclusive set to hit the daily shop rotation but then you miss the first day and it's like ok yeah even if I buy the rest of the set i'm gonna be helmless for 9 months unless I get lucky buying off someone.

What if for like a 5 piece set instead of helm -> chest -> legs -> etc 1 piece per day we showed all 5 pieces of the set for 5 days? This would give a little wiggle room to people looking to get their hands on complete sets.

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I like this idea, it gives room for players to get the full set of they’re not able to be on a certain couple days, but it also makes the full sets much less rare and have less value. Great idea but it also has downsides too. I’m in the middle on this one. Can’t say + or - to this. Much love though buddy 💙

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+1, great idea. The only people rich enough to afford these exclusive sets are not worried much about the value because they are likely to keep it forever if they really wanted it. No more noobs walking around without a matching platebody

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