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New Forum Upgrades

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Ely fam, got a few new changes I'd like to announce on our Forums!


1st & foremost you may notice the new "Welcome back, User" Panel!

This Panel displays tons of useful & interesting information as well as includes the Latest News in the bottom left!




Secondly, the Top 5 Stats panel for the entire Forum!

In this panel you can see the newest Member's, Top Posters, & more!

A nice spot to check out whats hot & going on in the Ely Forums.


Third, Profile Hovering!

When hovering your mouse over a username you will be given a hovering panel that displays tons of info!

Information regarding that user & some links such as "Add as Friend", "Private Message", and so on.


Fourth, an addition to our "Thanking" system!

Previously you could only "Thank" a user for their Thread/submission; whatever it may be.

It is now expanded with options such as: Like, Dislike & Thanks!

At the top right of every tread will be a box displaying the current Likes/Dislikes & Thanks for that Thread.

In addition, all Likes/Dislikes & Thanks received & given are now displayed on profile information.

WARNING: When "Disliking" a user's submission, IT WILL remove reputation points from that user, so be fair!


17.50.26-20.12.18.png 17.47.47-20.12.18.png


Last, but not least; addition to our "Currently Active Users" section.

At the very bottom of our Forums you can see who was active recently, and how many Member's & Guest's were online.

We've expanded this with information displaying who's currently online to include who exactly that is.

The Currently Online list will now display all Active Users (right now) as well as Staff online separately!


We hope you enjoy the new Forum updates & please let me know what you think! :)



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Nice work! I have to say though that I'm not a big fan of the added "Like" "Dislike" things but we'll see :)

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