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Patch Notes LXXVI (#76) Farming Rework & Bug Fixes

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Farming Rework


Compost bins should now work correctly
Every patch should now work correctly
You can now pay an NPC to watch your crops

Wrapping Up Bug Fixes


LRC gold deposits now work
Super antifires are now note-able
Corporeal beast can now only be attacked with spears, halberds and hastas
Saradomin npcs should not longer attack you in GWD if wearing Saradomin items
QBD anti-fire rates adjusted
Various Dungeoneering bugs fixed
Bal'lak the Pummeller fixed
QBD collection log fixed
Pack-Yak Winter Storage spell delay removed
3rd age melee helm fixed
Master Agility Cape fixed
You can now access your PoH from home no matter where it is located
OSRS GE item withdrawal issue fixed
Various achievements have been fixed
Super prayers have been fixed
Turmoil has been fixed

17 pages and counting of your reported bug fixes have been resolved.
We appreciate you all helping us become the quality server we are today.
Big things are coming...


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1 minute ago, Matt said:

Big things are coming...

Excitement is through the roof!


Awesome work as always Matt, glad there's a professional exterminator here to vanquish all the bugs!

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very good fixes! Also dont forget to mention Primal item exam values have been increased like Primal Rapier / Primal battleaxe. And people remember to use topic 4616 to add more items for exam value fix (items saves by the exam value).

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Good job mate! Glad to see all my patches are working. Master Farmer happy again! Keep punching through these bugs bro! #exterminator

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